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Minecats, myself, the community

This is a long post. If you will not take the time to read it, then that's on you. There are things in this post which will upset many of you, on various levels. The only advice I have for those whom this upsets: Get over it, or leave.

I felt I owe the community an explanation as to why Minecats is currently shut down. I also feel it is important that the community understands Minecats' history, and the paths we've lead to get to where we are. It's been an interesting and complex 6 and a half years.


Minecats started when Cindy had an idea over Christmas in 2013. She and her son Awexdio proceeded to create a new Minecraft server, opening December 24th, 2013. In 014, I met Cindy in a support channel for a plugin, Essentials. At first, I gave her no more attention than I would give any other person. But, over time, our friendship grew. One day, we realized we lived somewhat close to each other. At the time, I was in Pennsylvania helping my friend move from Tampa to the mountains, and helping him build a really awesome cottage for him and his family. We came back down to collect more of his stuff to move to Pennsylvania. I told Cindy I would be back in Florida. We decided to meet each other in person. Shortly later, She flew over to London, England for Minecon. My friends and I went back to Pennsylvania. At this time, I started working directly with the servers, on the back end. Our friendship grew into a personal relationship, and by August 2015, she decided she wanted me to move in, and our relationship flourished. By this time, Awexdio had lost almost all interest in Minecraft, and Minecats. Cindy changed jobs (got a much better one) which limited the amount of time she could easily give to Minecats. I stepped up and took over more responsibilities for running the servers.

I stayed mostly invisible, behind the scenes for a good long time before taking any in-game responsibilities. Some time in mid 2016, I took the "SysOp" title in game. I seen myself as a link between Cindy and the community. My job was largely to implement changes Cindy wanted, to take issue reports from the staff, to fix those things, and to enforce the rules Cindy laid down. This is the agreement Cindy and I had at the time.

The great exodus came. Certain staff members felt jaded, igored, and passed by - by Cindy and I both. A lot of emotions were flying because I was now in charge. Some staff dug up dirt on me. Oh no! It looks like I was arrested! When I confirmed and accepted that, with no worry - lies about me began. Things which I could only refute, but which there was no proof (because these accusations were completely made up lies) This didn't seem to matter to many of the staff, for which began a covert propaganda campaign against me, thus much of our userbase left - either believing the lies, or not wanting to deal with the drama. On a daily basis. I became increasingly disgruntled at these people. At one point, a certain ex-staff claimed ownership of the Survival server, removing all mention of Cindy from the server, and claiming it as their own, completely and in whole. At Cindy's order, this staff was banned. She was beyond furious at this. This caused even more players to leave. This situation probably could had been handled better. We live, we learn, we try to do better from the lessons in our lives.

Time after time, we had staff who, for what ever reason, kept going this route. Feeling as though they owned the server which they were admin on, acting as though they were above the rules. Becoming uncooperative and attempting to take control while knocking Cindy and I out. At one point, an admin attempted to ban me from the server.

About this time, Left2Die was removed from Minecats. This was the one server which Cindy did not actually own or operate, but which was linked with Minecats, for common advantages. The owner did not tell us he was leaving Minecats, and instead set up a proxy to his new server. He banned Cindy and I from connecting. To a server linked to our own network. Cindy, again, was furious about this. She was betrayed.

Since 2018, Minecats has not been profitable. We reacted by moving to less expensive hosting, by moving the forums, cutting costs where we could without adversely affecting the Minecraft servers as little as we could. Even at this, the cost to run and operate Minecats is still quite expensive, with monthly bills increasingly paid out of pocket. Other than 2 donations in 2020, every aspect of Minecats has been paid out of pocket. This is money which I could easily use for other things - from games, to computer parts, to woodworking. I could literally pay for a new vehicle for the monthly costs of running Minecats. This is even considering that Minecats is hosted from our home now. We made the decision to move to home hosted in early to mid 2019.

So, let's go over what we're actually paying for:
4 Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) for the gateway addresses (us. uk. eu. and sg.)
Several VPSs for the forums, website, Minecraft vote catching service (where we count your votes for Minecats), and other services
Business ISP account
Buycraft account
our Electric bill (for running the servers, and the air conditioner to keep them cool)
Licensing for various software
Domain name registrations

Then there's the one-time purchases we've had to make:
Battery backup units (UPS)
Server hardware
server upgrades
other software

When all is said and done, we spend $7,500-$10,000 a year to operate Minecats and the associated services.

In early 2018, I decided we would continue to operate Minecats as a hobby, which I would use to continue to practice and expand my knowledge and skills as a system admin. I made this decision because the community is great, and I didn't want that to disappear. I didn't want Minecats to be remembered for some short time as "a great place that was" Not because of some nostalgia or emotional attachment I have to the thing, but because I really love to see the friendships that are made, and blossom both in game and in the rest of the community. I love seeing the awesome things people make - even the really creative, yet inappropriate builds - I gain much amusement from certain builds. I took it upon myself to take the financial hit to continue running Minecats because of the wonderful community, my ability to continue to learn from the community and new system admin techniques and skill, and my interest in these things.

For quite a while, I have been wanting to step back away from in-game management. I have been wanting staff to step up, to take over operating the games and managing the in-game aspect of the community. My attempts to move towards this has been met time and time again with failure. Staff taking too much control and ignoring what Cindy and I want, not taking enough control at all and using their staff position as a social status, or straight up leaving.

At the end of the day, Cindy and I are legally and financially responsible for Minecats. As such, it is nowhere near out of the question that our instructions, rules and policies be followed. And yet, they are not.

Over the last month, we went from being very excited with a large potential to get things rolling on the right track to having 2 higher staff leave, other staff being condescending, players being extremely rude, and seemingly nothing being done.

(1 of 2, please read the rest in the comments!)

We're looking for new staff... we're looking for YOU!

Minecats is made of three very important things:
Our game servers (Currently limited to Minecraft)
Our community (All those who play and chat with us!)
Our staff (Those who get things done and keep the trouble makers at bay!)

Obviously we're not going to have a large, growing and thriving community if the servers aren't there, or if they're not fun to play on. So, it's up to the owners to make sure we have the servers to play on, and up to the staff to make them enjoyable!

We're "hiring" (Volunteers)!
Wait, why is "hiring" in quotes? That's because we're not a company with a payroll and insurance, etc. We're a private community of volunteers. The only people who get paid are the ISP and electric company. So even the owners don't get paid by Minecats. We'd like to change that in the future. But, that takes a LOT of work and effort, and of course money.

So, by being staff on Minecats, you're giving your word to work on Minecats servers to help us get to a point where we can beat down the likes of Hypixel and dominate all other competitors! Oh, a bit ambitious? Maybe! But it's fun to think one day we could all be making $8000 a month doing something we love!

Now, with itsaid that no one gets paid, this /is/ after all just something fun for everyone to do. Those who put in the time, effort and help to make Minecats a better place, will be rewarded with additional perks, responsibilities and certain freedoms on Minecats. Hey, if you're going to do things to better the community, you should be able to have a little extra fun above and beyond... and have the ability to keep the trouble makers from causing, well, trouble! Depending on the server and position, these perks range from being able to mute troublesome chatters to being able to use WorldEdit in it's fullest to create amazing builds, and even control over certain aspects of individual game servers, such as new spawns, events, or even help guide the direction the game will be going in.

Staff Expectations:
Minecats has several staff positions. Each position increases the amount of responsibility, control and knowledge in multiple ways. More knowledge leads to more control, which leads to more responsibilities, which itself leads to more knowledge.

When a player joins staff, they're expected to have the knowledge of what Minecraft is, to understand how the plugins work, and the spirit of the rules of Minecats, and be able to assist players with in-game issues (like how to use WorldEdit). Upon becoming staff, the new ChatMod will learn how to (un)mute players, force them in and out of channels, and how to report inapprorpiate builds to Moderators, as well as when and how to seek help from any higher staff or other resource when an issue is beyond their control or ability to help with. This is what is meant by knowledge. To know how, and when.

All staff are expected to exert reasonable control over themselves, the game (in ways which they have the power to do so), and the community, in a way which is done for the betterment of Minecats and our community. This boils down to the staff a) not abusing their power, and b) being there when they're needed and being able to correct and handle any situation they're faced with, or seek assistance from those who can. Staff who use their position only to gain access to worldedit, more plots, as a social status, or to be able to mute, kick and make unwelcome people they don't like will not remain on staff. Likewise, staff who do not communicate, are absent, or who seemingly don't care that three people are calling each other names or otherwise breaking the rules will also not remain on staff.

The staff are responsible, firstly and most importantly, for their own well being - their own life, job, school, ensuring they're not neglecting real life important things to be on Minecats. Being told "Sorry, I can't be staff any more because I'm homeless as I didn't pay any of my bills, instead of working I spent all my time on Minecats" is never acceptable. You are responsible for your life. However, if you've given your word, which you will have done by joining staff, there are certain expectations that you're also responsible for. Each staff position has their own set of responsibilities - but this again boils down to the staff being staff. Real life comes first, and that's not negotiable - but if you know life is going to be getting in the way, let us know. Don't take on more responsibilities you can actually handle and see through to finish. Be on as much as you can be.

Staff Positions:
There are 8 staff positions. 2 of these are reserved for only the most trustworthy and active members of staff. 2 are reserved for the owners. Together, these four positions are the "Executives" (just a fancy word meaning people who are in charge) The remaining four positions are "Staff" There are really only 3 staff positions, with the forth having few additional responsibilities or perks, but expanded in scope.

ChatMod - This position moderates just the chat. Keeps players from being abusive, using incorrect channels, etc. The ChatMod is also responsible for assisting players with understanding how to do things. These staff have to know basic Minecraft and Minecats things to be able to help other players, to know the rules (especially concerning chat), and know when to mute a player or to seek a Moderator+ to ban that player. (abuse or absence will result in being demoted to Knight)

Moderator - This position expands on ChatMod by requiring the staff to also moderate game activity - such as making sure there's no inappropriate builds, signs aren't used to bypass chat rules, to help players with game mechanics, and more advanced help. May also ban players. (absence may result in being demoted to ChatMod, abuse of powers may result in a ban or demote)

GameMaster - GMs expand on Moderator, and gives the staff the ability to create, run and complete official competitions, contests and other events. GMs for Parkours are required to set up new parkours. Admins ensure all functions and features are working properly and seek assistance from the SysOp when they are unable to correct the issues. GMs will have different roles and access depending on the server they are GM on. This can be considered a per-server junior admin position

Admin - This position expands on Moderator and GM, by giving the staff permissions to correct and handle larger issues in game, such as deleting plots & claims, building spawns areas, interacting with plugins for setup and corrective purposes (such as ShopKeepers, ChestShops, etc) There is much more access to server plugins and functions than GM. Admins help GMs to complete tasks for server events when needed.

These positions, Executives, are offered only to Admins, and may not be applied for by anyone else:
Sr Admin - The Senior Admin position is the same as Admin, with the exceptions that GMs & Admins answer to Sr Admins, and Sr Admins answer to SysOp and Owner, and are Sr Admin per server *group* (such as survival servers, adventure servers, etc)

GameOp - The GameOp is the GO to person. This position is an expansion of Sr Admin, but provides a high level of access to all servers, and knows Minecats in and out, up and down, back and forward and sideways too.

SysOp - SysOp - There's only one SysOp: AeSix. This positions deals mostly with the host servers, networking, and setting up new server environments for the rest of the staff to turn into awesome games.

Owner - Everything else, from domain names, to dealing with the IRS to developing custom plugins... and of course everything else related to Minecats, from Player and ChatMod to SysOp responsibilities.

We need you!
As replies to this thread, you will find various openings which we're needing filled.

Normally, we ask that players work to become Knights - non-staff community leaders who really know the game server they're playing on. After some time, Knights may apply, or be offered ChatMod. As a ChatMod, the staff works towards being a Moderator, and then GM, and Admin. This is being set aside for now, and anyone interested in being a ChatMod or Moderator may apply. Current Knights or Staff may applyto be any staff position up to Admin on new servers. Admins may speak to AeSix regarding becoming a Sr Admin or GameOp.

Applications may be filled out at https://support.minecats.com/support
To apply, go to the above web page. Read the instructions at the top, then click in "Categories" and select "Staff Application" - Thank you, ThilsikTonix for pointing out the confusion!

The State of Minecats in 2020

New game hosts! New gateway hosts! New gateway address! Updated servers! MUCH MORE!

New hosts!
A few months ago, we moved Minecats to a new host servers, which we outright own. There are some advantages, and some disadvantages to doing this. There's some cost savings, and some additional expenses too. The best part is that we now have much more freedoms, as we own the systems.

The basic idea is that we now own the servers we're hosting Minecats on, and can make changes much more easily. We can add RAM, storage, even upgrade the CPUs as we need. Doing this with a hosting company means having to shell out more money for a new hosted server, and moving everything to it. Now, we can do that much more efficiently, as-needed and without the pinch of paying for the two servers at the same time.

This has decreased the monthly operating costs of running Minecats, but not as much as one may think. We've essentially shifted paying for dedicated servers at a hosting company to paying for the electric and dedicated internet service and of course the parts and components of the server upgrades (which are one-time purchases) So it's still expensive to run Minecats, just not quite as such.

We're also now in the position to potentially add some more hardware to lease out for hosted services. This will allow us to sell monthly hosting subscriptions for websites, or even other games. We're also close to being in the position to sell managed and un-managed private Minecraft servers as well. These will not be sold as Minecats, however. More on that when it becomes reality!

New Gateways! New address!
First, what are the gateways? These are servers we lease from a hosting company for which players connect to. But wait, didn't I just say we stopped leasing servers and own our own? I did! Great observation! The gateway servers aren't game servers, and are considerably less expensive. These forward client connections to the server, from several different locations on Earth.

This provides three things: One, if one of the gateways is offline, there are still three other ones the clients can connect to; Two, it provides for regional connections to Minecats, which many cases provides much less latency between the client and server (which means everything feels faster); and Three, provides a buffer between the world and our servers, preventing DDoS attacks directly against our servers, and which is mitigated by the gateway hosting provider.

There are now 4 gateways, and 5 addresses. The fifth address, which is actually our first and main address is play.minecats.com. This now serves to point to all 4 of the gateways. In some cases, the client may not connect to the best gateway possible for them, and so we provide direct addresses to each gateway. The upside to this is that play.minecats.com is still valid, and can still be used in all advertising - and does work for most players to get a fast, quick connection to Minecats.

The 4 gateways are located in The US, The UK, The EU, and Singapore. Technically the US gateway is across the border in Canada, but we've been using the us.minecats.com address for years and as there is no real difference other than 50 miles from the US, we're continuing to refer to it as such. The UK and EU gateways are in England and France, respectively. The new Singapore gateway is ideal for the Middle East to Australia to north east Asia and everything in between.

The new hosting company has a global private network which connects all of their data centers. This allows clients connecting to, say, Singapore, to go across the private network until it reaches an exit node in the US closer to where Minecats servers are located. What this means is that players in regions of the world outside of North America don't have to contend with all of the traffic on the public internet infrastructure the entire way to Minecats. This is what makes the connection less laggy and more stable.

All of our addresses are:
sg.minecats.com (this is the new address and gateway, though we had it a few years ago, it's now returned!)

And if you have IPv6 and want to test that, play.minecats.net has IPv6 addresses to all 4 gateways as well. This may not work in all cases and requires a real IPv6 connection to use. We're probably not going to be doing much with this, and is more of a novelty than anything.

Minecats servers!
Minecraft 1.13 has brought a lot of pain and suffering to servers world-wide. A lot of plugins stopped functioning completely, some stopped working correctly and some that have been updated work differently. That was compounded with 1.14 and then 1.15 being released relatively quickly. A lot of plugin developers ceased updating plugins because the massive changes to 1.13, which in many cases required complete re-writes of the plugins. By the time developers were done with their 1.13 versions, 1.14 came out... and broke things even more. 1.15 came out, and Mojang promised not to break things again. A lot of developers have finally started working on updated versions of their plugins.

This has prevented Minecats from smoothly updating many servers, and preventing updating Skyblock & Parkours past 1.12.2. It's preventing LionsDen season 2 from being opened on time. It's causes major issues on Creative. But, that's all about to change!

Skyblock & Parkours
With the upgrade to 1.15.1, the plugin "IslandWorlds" which we have used for years, decided that it was going to auto-expire every island. Every island was deleted. After restoring the database and the world files, and checking the configuration for the plugin to ensure it does not expire islands, and trying again - every island was again removed. The plugin, even though it was configured properly, destroyed the server.

Skyblock and Parkours - These are now two different servers. Parkours has been held back because of updates to the islands, otherwise we could have updated Parkours to 1.13.2, and 1.14 when it mattered. The parkour courses provides rewards for players to use on their islands, however, and so it was decided to keep them together. Until the islands completely got destroyed.

Parkours is now the old Skyblock & Parkours server, without the island stuff. There's still lots of cleanup to do, and maybe a new spawn too. But it was easier to leave everything as it were than to move Parkours to it's own servers. There's over 250 parkour courses, each having to be copied to the new server, one at a time, and then complete re-set up for rewards, starting signs, etc. It would have been a nightmare!

Skyblock (& more) is a brand new server we're building. It will have a brand new spawn built by foreverhopeful, braadd, viterd, KassidyH, Seian, Bis_auf, and with input from cindy_k! We're planning to open this week, with basic islands, and some shops. The team will continue to improve the spawn, add more shops and such over time. We may add other island types as well, such as acid islands. There will be challenges, levels and even we're bring back tree twerking! Because, let's face it, who don't like to dance to make trees grow?

LionsDen season 2
Like Skyblock and Parkours, LDs2 has suffered from plugins not updating stably. We're currently waiting for some base plugins to update to build the server. One of these plugins is ExoticGarden. As many of you know, LionsDen, and soon LionsDen season 2 is going to be based heavily on Slimefun, which ExoticGarden is a part of. This is a complex system which modifies a LOT of the game, and uses an immense amount of custom blocks and items.

Originally, we promised that players on LionsDen would be able to move their items to LDs2. As LDs2 is taking a much longer time to finish, it was decided to improve LionsDen with a new world, and give players a chance to explore new things and build in the new world.

The current LionsDen world has become corrupted, it's also a 3 year old map, and was originally created in Minecraft 1.10, and immediately updated to 1.11. Then it was updated to 1.12.2, once the plugins were updated. It took a considerable time for all those plugins to update to 1.13, but the plugins were still much too buggy to use. When 1.14 came out, the plugins were updated again, and this time, much less buggy - and so we've got LionsDen 1.14.4 now. That means the world has been upgrade to 4 new world formats. Each time an upgrade happens, there's a chance of the world files being corrupted, even in a small non-noticeable way. Over the years, the world has accumulated these little corruptions, and things are really starting to fall apart. That's where the new world comes in.

Unfortunately, there are almost no players who play on LionsDen, and the planned upgrades to LionsDen have been scrapped to be able to focus on LDs2 instead. Many players and staff have opted to wait for LDs2, and have opted for a fresh start - no transferred items, no transferred bank balance, not transferred Slimefun progress. The only thing that will transfer are the player donation positions.

The positions may have some slight changes to them as well however. This means Citizens, for example, may have some new features added, and possibly some others changed. We won't be removing major features per-position, however if there is something that will not longer be in the game, obviously no matter the position, it won't be accessible. I think the planned changes will bring more balance to game play, and make each position more valuable to the players. Many servers would require players to pay again on a fresh server, but we're opting not to do that.

Minecats goals for 2020!

Minecats goals for 2020

Our first goal is to get Skyblock up and running by the end of this week, and get all the major features added by the end of February. That is a realistic goal, and all of the plugins we're planning to use are updated for 1.15 already. The staff working to build the spawn are doing an amazing job and it looks beautiful!

The second goal I have is to get LionsDen season 2 up and running by the end of March. I know that's still 6 weeks out, and currently I'm not sure how realistic that is with the state of Slimefun and the addons like ExoticGarden.

The next goals are more or less random prioritized.
Finish the LuckPerms permission system for all servers
Get Classic to a point of being inviting to players, with all the info they need to enjoy the server
Make VIP world accessible and usable for donators on Creative (this requires LuckPerms to be done)
Add 24 jump, fly, swim, crawl and maze courses to Parkours server by the end of the year - that's only 2 per month!
Add a creative world to Parkours where players can create and build courses for Parkours, using all the features on the server - This will allow for some awesome builds they creators will KNOW will work on Parkours, because that's where they're built, AND allow for staff to much more easily move the parkours from player claims to the parkour world.

Fix some issues on Survival, such as economy not working properly.

By the end of 2020, I want to have a total of 12 game servers. These servers will be grouped by game type/mode and will have differences in difficulty, goals and challenges, and overall experiences.

Creative servers:
Plots with VIP

Survival servers:

Adventure servers:
Catropolis (A Towny server)

Game servers:
MiniGames (Minecats Arcade)
CatFight (a pvp server, with 3 or 4 game types)
Parkours (jump, crawl, fly, swim and maze courses)

This is the goals for Minecats in 2020. See what you can do to help us achieve these goals, read the "We're "Hiring"" thread!

State of Minecats - July 2019

Good news, everyone! (Prof. Farnsworth, January 3000)

Staff stuff
May and June has brought some less than pleasant changes to Minecats.
We have lost some staff, namely n_harmonia, ElwoodN, and some others, for varying reasons.
BlueCharm is on hiatus, for personal reasons and may one day re-join us.

However, we have also gained some new staff - a few new chatmods, and Draiocht_ has been promoted to Senior Admin. She has been doing a wonderful job and all the props should go to her!

Behind the scenes work
We've been busy working to get a better, off-site backups solution going, which will be completed soon. This will allow us to have physical copies of all of Minecats data backups at our home, as well as on the servers in the datacenters. Anyone who remembers a few months ago, we had an issue with one of our hosting providers destroying our data due to their accounting system not applying our payments correctly.

Growing Minecats
Cindy has been hard at work creating AWESOME new memeish ads for Minecats on Instagram. Her current ad has reached 15 THOUSAND people in 5 days and has 5 more days to go! Absolutely amazing! Even if 1% of those people join Minecats, that's over 150 new faces! (We have had over 1200 new, unique visitors to Minecats since Cindy has started the ads)

I have been working to smooth our some issues with configurations for the Minecraft game servers, proxy and gateway servers, and data storage. I've also been working with plugin developers to get some of our more important plugins up to snuff for 1.13.2 (which is still an issue for everyone!) and investigating 1.14 problems, plugins, problems, updates, problems, more problems...

Future Plans
We have decided that until Mojang gets their act together and produces a stable Minecraft 1.14.x server, we will refrain from updating Minecats beyond 1.13.2 We may, however re-add 1.14.x client compatible connections in the future for 1.13.2 servers. By doing so, this will allow players to use the 1.14 client to connect to Minecats - HOWEVER IT WILL NOT GIVE ANY NEW BLOCKS, ITEMS, or MOBS. This will cause those new items in the client inventory to become useless on these servers, which causes players to complain that "Hey! I can't use this new item!" - and so everyone needs to calmly remind them that the servers are only 1.13.2

Skyblock & Parkours is still at Minecraft 1.12.2 due to the plugins being used not having all been updated for the previous server upgrades work cycle. A new round of server upgrades will happen soon, and Skyblock & Parkours will be be upgraded to 1.13.2 at that time. We may, at that time, update Skyblock separately from Parkours, as many of the parkour builds rely on 1.12.2 mechanics to function properly.

We may also look at doing a "LionsDen - Season 2" - a 1.14 server in the near future, once Mojang releases a stable 1.14 server. The current LionsDen server will remain available for a short time after the introduction of LDs2. No builds, items, inventory, will be transferred, outside of some nicer builds present for aesthetic purposes, at staff discretion. LDs2 would be a new server, with a few changes, and possibly a new world.

Comment Below!
Please comment below regarding anything here you have questions, concerns or just comments about. Let us know what you're thinking!

LionsDen restoration

LionsDen is back open to the public! The major issue has been resolved. Some minor issues resulting from the major issue are also resolved. You can read more here: https://forums.minecats.com/threads/lionsden-issues.62/

LionsDen issues

LionsDen is an old server. It's been mostly stable for 2 years and 3 versions. Today, however, WorldEdit decided to not play nice.

A large (VERY LARGE) area was adversely affected by a failed paste attempt. The staff who pasted the item is not at fault. However, the area affected covers potentially hundreds of claims.

Our initial resolution to resolve the issue failed. This involved reverting to a 9 day old backup of LionsDen, and then re-doing all of the non-worldedit block changes over the last 9 days. This resulted in the same area being in the same condition it was previous to the repair attempts.

I ran a poll in Discord. There was an overwhelming cry to use the least impactful solution going forward:
To return to the 9 day old backup and use that.

However, I will be attempting one more repair. This will involve reverting JUST the affected area to the 9 day old backup.
This will have the least impact on players, and should resolve the situaiton in full. However, this WILL negatively affect *some* players. This will be done Monday, May 20.

Additionally, we will be resolving all issues with backups this coming week, and so that all servers are backed up properly, and reoutinely. I've been working on this solution for over a week, however have been called off of it for multiple various reasons, including some personal events in life.



New day, better mood! I've been able to find exactly which files have been corrupted! YAY! I'll be able to replace just those files, and leave the rest of LionsDen as it is!!! HOORAH! This has taken some time, lots of math, and the threat of completely ripping Mojang a new one for their idiotic and retarded representation of the coordinate system used within Minecraft.
It looks like there is 15 region files which will be replaced. All of the damage is within a 1x15 region area, and the only claims I've found are much older than 12 days old. There are a lot of areas which are built but not claimed, however.
I will be replacing these files, and doing some testing. Once I am done, and the server is open for everyone again, I will be re-adding lionsden to /gwho, unwhitelisting it and allowing everyone on. This may take some time though. Thank you to each and everyone of you for your patience and understanding. I'm also very sorry for my attitude yesterday. Hopefully we can get things back on track and in good working order again today!

There is a bedrock wall around the affected/recovered area. If your claim falls within this area and does not seem quite right, let me know and I will attempt to recover the area using logblock. No guarantees however!

There seems to be some issues elsewhere outside of the cordoned off area. The bedrock wall is at 120 blocks altitude, between 512 120 0 and 8191 120 512. The area inside the wall has been recovered from our backups. Any messed up areas outside of this area may or may not be part of the initial issue. We will continue to investigate these much more minor issues as players report them.

To report your area as needing staff inspection, and hopefully to recover the area you need to do a few simple tasks:

1) Decide how big of an area is affected, such as 10 x 20 blocks (a diameter measurement)
2) Go to the CENTER of the area that is affected. Stay there.
3) issue a new ticket: /ticket world corruption issue, about 10 x 20
. 3a) Replace "10 x 20" with how big your area is.
4) Wait for staff to respond to your ticket. Make yourself available on Discord if possible.

We will work as quickly as possible, making a nuisance of yourself will only cause us to ignore your ticket.

Staff, for those who have access to use logblock, this is the only command you need to run:
/lb redo area 20 since 09.05.2019 before 19.05.2019
Replace "area 20" with the smallest size area that will cover all of the player's area. If the area is very long, please do multiple commands with a reasonably sized area parameter. for example: If the area is 200 x 20, use "area 50" and start 25 blocks in from the end and 10 in from the sides. You will have to do this 4 or 5 times, moving along the length of the area for each time (some basic math is needed here, sorry)

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is broken. Just open Minecraft and see how many people are on. I'll see about fixing it later.

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Staff info, positions & descriptions

The Minecats Community staff are all players who want to give back to the community. Every staff is a volunteer

This information is here for ALL players, so they understand what it means to be staff.

Because staff are unpaid volunteers, there are some considerations:
First and foremost, real life always must come first.
There's a few reasons for this - one, if you're an adult and you put Minecats before your work, you'll soon be out of a job, can't pay your internet and then electric bills, then you'll be homeless - and you can't work on Minecats if you're homeless without internet and power. Right? Another reason is, if you're a student, you need to focus on doing good in school. Though school may seem pointless, the paper you get at the end will help you later in life to succeed and prosper. That means having a job, paying bills and not being homeless. Which means being able to do fun things like play/help on Minecats.
Another, and possibly the most important reason for putting real life before Minecats is pretty simple - but pretty big. We don't want the drama of your life affecting Minecats. If you have something you need to deal with and correct which is preventing you from being your best and doing a quality job on Minecats, you need to handle that first. Technically, the first two are covered under this - but those are the two more common issues staff have. But this also includes situations such as arguments with friends, moving, new babies, new pets, health issues, anything that could cause you to not be your best. I know Minecats can be an 'escape' from all that, and can help each individual to cope with those situations - and that's fine, as long as Minecats is not adversely affected. We're all here to enjoy ourselves, and when a staff (or any player for that matter, but especially those representing Minecats) are having a bad day, it can easily cause others around them to suffer as well.

Even though Minecats staff are not paid, it is still a role of responsibility. This means staff are given privileges and control. It also means that each staff is expected to make an effort to do their best - to do their job to the best of their ability; to be on as often as they can without impacting real life; and to see to it that tasks they take on are completed.

There are certain expected and implied aspects to being staff.
It is expected that the staff will fully understand, comply with and enforce the Minecats rules. It is also expected that when staff say they will do something for the betterment of Minecats, they do it in a timely manner, seeking assistance where needed. Timely manner does not mean you have to work 40 hours a week on Minecats - it just means that if a project should take no more than 3 days, then it shouldn't take a month to complete, but 7(n)0 days is understandable. After all, there's real life to deal with.
It is implied that staff will act, chat and otherwise behave appropriately for a family friend public community. It is also understood that staff will be active participants on Minecats' Minecraft games, and on the Discord chat, again when available and life isn't being a pain in the rear.
These are just some of the more important things. Staff have other rules and policies they must follow to stay on staff.

Staff position descriptions:

* ChatMod is displayed in-game as "CubTamer"
* This is the first, basic position on Minecats Minecraft.
* ChatMods are given ChatMod position on every server upon acceptance to staff.
* Ensures chat is calm & appropriate for an all-ages - if it wouldn't be in a Disney movie, it's NOT OK for Minecats.
* These staff have the ability to mute players, and to request assistance from higher staff for bans, if needed.
* ChatMods receive /helpop requests, and are also given access to various private chat channels, in-game and on discord.
* Like community helpers, all ChatMods are expected to continue to help players with minor issues, understanding of Minecats, the rules and game play aspects.
* Required before applying for or being granted the Moderator position

* Moderator is displayed in game as "Mewderator" (sensing a cat theme here?)
* Moderators are promoted from ChatMod on a per-server basis only.
* The most basic function of the Moderator is to moderate game play,, and requesting assistance from Admins+ as needed.
* These staff is responsible for making sure that there is no inappropriate builds (shapes or block-words), signs, etc.
* Moderators handle /modreq requests where possible, and communicate to higher staff where needed.
* Required before applying for or being granted GM or Admin positions.

: (aka GM)
* GMs create smaller, server specific special events for all players to join, play and win rewards.
* GMs inherit Moderator role, with additional privileges as needed to create, run and complete their events.
* GMs also moderate chat, gameplay and builds for their events, with assistance from other staff as needed.
* May have some additional privileges taken from Admin position. Consider GameMaster as "Jr Admin" in this regard.
* GM may be promoted to Admin.

* Displayed as "Catmin" (hehehe! So pawesome!)
* Admins are promoted from GM or Moderator, on a per-server basis.
* Ability to enforce all rules, and correct players and staff unwilling to abide by the rules.
* Can mute, kick, and ban.
* May assign players to a community helper position in recognition of that players' good works for Minecats

* Displayed as SrAdmin - CreativeAdmin, SurvivalAdmin, ArcadeAdmin, AdventurAdmin (HUH!? Read below!)
* Has same responsibilities, control and knowledge of Admin on the server arch-type.

We have 4 server arch-types, and 4 SrAdmin positions. Survival-type, Creative-type, Arcade-type and Adventure-type. SrAdmin position is SrAdmin on all of the servers of an arch-type. "Survival SrAdmin" is SrAdmin on all of Minecats survival-type servers, including Survival, Vanilla and LionsDen.
* SrAdmins have the ability to global ban players
* Assists all staff in lower positions with tasks, events, and issues.
* Helps guide the direction of the servers, with new feature requests
* pays attention to player complaints and requests to communicate to staff as needed.

* Displayed as GameOp
* The GameOp is responsible for ensuring the social and game-play aspects of Minecats runs smoothly
* All SrAdmin abilities, privileges, control, etc for all servers
* directs the SysOp to perform server work as needed, such as new plugins, world fixes, plugin updates, config changes, etc.
* Is the staff boss. Responsible for ensuring all staff are being staff. Works with SysOp and Owner to promote Moderators to Admins and Admins to SrAdmin.

* Perferms every duty from every position below.
* Ensure the server hosts and game servers are running optimally, effeciently and safely.
* Responsible for updates, upgrades, back-end work and new server builds
* Reports to the owner, works with the Owner, SysOp, SrAdmins and Admins to ensure the games are working properly
* Ensures the players are on their toes with the occasional troll - Did somebody say infernal wither!?
* Minecats Windows and Linux Systems, database, security, network and backups Admin duties

* Owns (like, legitimately, legally, financially owns) The Minecats brand, websites/services, game servers
* Owns all financial responsibilities for Minecats - including paying the bills!
* Her word is law which all must follow. (Including the SysOp))

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