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  • Farewell, for now!

    I'm keeping your postion for you :) Thank You for all of the hard work, time, effort and patience! As always: Real life comes first, and having fun comes before being staff! Enjoy yourself, and godspeed with your endeavors :)

    You'll always be welcome back when you're ready!

  • Farewell, for now!

    Hello MineCats, just making it official that I have been extremely busy as of the last few months and don't know when I will be back... Life takes too much time away from having fun :(

    This is not me quitting forever, it's just me announcing the reasons behind why I am inactive and will probably continue to be inactive for a while. Don't worry though, I will come visit!

    As of recently I have gotten a promotion at my job and I am swamped with work and whatnot there. I also still go to school which also ties into the time I have in a day to do things. It's nearing the end of the semester so I am really busy with studying and working on things to get them done for the year. Basically: School 6-7ish hours, work for 8, sleep, rinse and repeat.

    I apologize to anyone that has been waiting on me for something.
    Love you all, hope to be back soon!


  • Creative Bi-Monthly Build Comp: Tell a Fairytale

    The winners!
    1st place - 5k4ilaGamez, /p tp -41;-53
    2nd place- Livvyy, /p tp -3;6
    3rd place- CupofKoffee, /p tp 54;47

    Congratulations to all who placed! Even if you didn't win, we were all entertained by the fairy tales your builds told. We will contact the winners on how they are getting their prizes.

    Additionally, thank you to our judges, suac, Gamerr_, DefinitelyBrad, Bygones, and myself.

    Our next build comp will be announced soon!

  • Welcome to the New Forum!

    We have a new support system too for ban appeals, staff applications and other issues. It's at

    If you have a forum issue, please open a ticket there.

    (Note you will need to request a new password for the forums. Click the I forgot my password link.)


  • The New Forums Look AWESOME!!!

    Man these look really cool! Who else agrees with me! WOO!

  • Creative Bi-Monthly Build Comp: Tell a Fairytale


    a great example, from suac's second plot in Creative


    *Tell a Fairy tale!*

    Creative Build Comp: March 15th - 31st

    Build comps on Creative will now be quicker and smaller, and twice a month! Although you have less time, this is a great way to earn some nice prizes in Creative and show off your skills!


    You may start building anytime starting from March 15th, and will have until March 31st at midnight EST to finish your build. Any builds submitted after this date will not be entered or judged.


    Tell a Fairy tale! Your builds can be inspired by existing fairy tales, like Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. You could also build what you think is a perfect fairy tale. Make sure it has a Happily Ever After, we wouldn't want to make others negative with our fairy tales!


    The build must be on /creative. Builds on /creativevip or any other server will not qualify.


    The builds cannot be offensive or inappropriate.

    Do not ask staff anything about the other contestants.

    You can work together on your build, but only the plot owner will get the prize.


    The judging will be based on Theme, Creativity, Originality, and Difficulty.


    After you finish your build:
    When you have finished the build (which must be on the /creative server), create a /modreq regarding the Tell a Fairytale Contest and it will be entered for judging.


    Announcing winners:
    The winners will be announced by midnight on April 1st in this thread.



    *Prizes will be given to the top three builds!*
    First prize: 5 tokens, 500 treats.
    Second prize: 250 treats, 1 player or staff head of choice.
    Third prize: 100 treats, 1 player or staff head of choice.


    We hope you participate and have fun! Good luck!

    Keep watching this post for any updates!

  • St Patrick's Day Build Comp

    Aye cabbage ewe knot!

    St Patrick's Day Build Competition

    Theme: St Patrick's Day / Irish Culture / Irish Mysticism

    Criteria: Theme; Creativity & Uniqueness; Effort & Detail

    Duration: From now to 10 March 2017 (Eastern US Time, some time during the day)

    Participants: Everyone: newbies, cubs, donators, staff (Unless otherwise specified)
    Location: MineCats Gardens server, in the CompWorld

    Prizes: 1st: $15 Buycraft coupon; 2nd: $5 Buycraft coupon; 3rd: 20 MineCats Shop Tokens


    Expanded Info:

    • The theme is St Patrick's Day - what ever that means to You, the artist. Please avoid any controversial or adult content / subject matter (Family Friendly). All other genres of art/emotional display are allowed. Plots which are not Family Friendly may be removed.

    • Judges will be using the above Criteria to make decisions for build placements, You should use these criteria to build.


      - Theme: being how much does your build stay with the theme, St Patrick's Day.

      - Creativity & Uniqueness: how new/unique is your build compared not just to others in the comp, but in general - the more unique, the better.

      - Effort & Detail: shows in the detail, the aesthetics, the size, how much time you've put into the build - or simply put, how nice you tried to make it.

      Obviously incomplete, copy-cats or off-theme builds won't be accepted (will be removed)

    • By "now" I mean when I get the world set up, which is mostly done as for this writing. I will, some time on the 10th, or 11th, whitelist Gardens and allow only judges on.  They will have until the 16th to conclude judging, so winners can be announced on 17 March.

    • All MineCats, Gardens and Comp rules MUST be obeyed.  Failure to abide by the rules may result in your build being removed (not accepted), You being banned from Gardens (Appeals will not be accepted until competition end), or for very drastic violations, permanent ban from all of MineCats.  Or anything in between.

    • Judges may participate in the Build Comp as well, and in fact, judges are not known until near the end of the competition.  Judges Wanted announcements will be made for the staff at that time.  Everyone else is welcome to participate in the Build Comp, provided they are not banned from Gardens or MineCats.

    • To join the Build Comp, go to /server Gardens and walk through the portal for the CompWorld.  If you had participated in the Valentine's Day Build Comp, you will use your previous plot location.  New entrants will have to do /p auto to claim a plot.

    • The prizes are single person prizes.  As such, no help will be allowed on builds. Only the plot owner is eligible to win the prizes.

    Good Luck & Have Fun

    to All who enter!

    short url to this post:

  • Making it official.

    Even though it feels like there are no people left here who actually know me, I know there still are some that do, and maybe some that don't but will take a few moments of their time to read this. Sorry if it gets a little melodramatic.


    Back in 2012, incredibly 5 years ago, I started playing Minecraft Survival Multiplayer on a server that probably no one currently here knows, but it could be regarded as a direct predecessor of Minecats. I was unhappy with my social life (a better term would be "school life", as much of a social life as one could have when 12 years old) at that time and the following few years and I never even though that this silly little game could make it so much better. Minecats MP was my happy place. I wasn't obsessed with it, but I felt happy and accepted. I finally met people that I liked and that liked me. Cheesy, I know, but that is how Minecraft became a big part of my life for a few years, which may not seem long in retrospect, but those years are quite critical in one's early life, the first years of adolescence, a period in which we are commonly sorted either into the "cool kids" or the "outcasts". Minecraft made being an outcast in real life not such a bad situation. This is why I've given this quite a lot of thought, for quite some time now.


    Before I get to the usual thanks and mentions, let me actually say why I'm writing this.

    For half a year now, Minecraft in general has been boring to me. I used to occasionally get bored with it before, but now it seems like I've personally depleted all it has to offer. For the past few months, I've only been coming online every now and then, staying for no more than 5 minutes. A big part of this is the fact that 99% of the people I've known have left, besides the overall drop of player numbers. But an equally big part of it is the fact that I'm simply bored with Minecraft as a game, which is why this farewell is different than some other ones in the past, that usually say something in the lines of "it's time for me to move on (meaning to another, likely more popular, server)". I WILL, THOUGH, occasionally visit, maybe stay a while and chat, maybe even build a little something, but I don't expect I'll "pull a bkauf" and come back full-time a month after this.


    Now, I feel it would be appropriate to mention a few names, even though most of them are gone and will probably never read this. I'd like to thank the following people for being great co-players and friends, most of which are more recent:


    -OoychaiY, the Minecraft tycoon, the gentle giant, an unexpected good friend from South Africa/Thailand, with whom I'm still in contact and I hope to stay in touch

    -Jacki, the annoying little Arab-turned-friend who I'm also still in touch with on Facebook

    -PuarZilla, who would find this terribly corny, but I thank him for being somewhat of a mentor of mine in certain situations

    -lightfire and SleepyDesu, great staff members and friendly, welcoming players and some of my favorite Canadians

    -Vidad/Cygnus, another one of my favorite Canadians, a fellow metalhead

    -JellyBeanRed, yet another favorite Canadian of mine, who was always a great person to talk to

    -apigwithabat, fellow history nerd and great builder

    -TehSabbingSlayer, a veteran, pyromaniac and always fun to be around

    -Synthet1k, also a veteran, one of the greatest mods I've ever had the pleasure of playing with

    -Avenger49, the forgotten legend





    -Alfy (can't remember the numbers)



    and the last one I can remember at the moment...

    -DemonChicken48, the first person I ever played Minecraft with


    Of course, there are many, many, many more great people I've met, probably even some I value greatly but didn't remember to put on the list. These are just the players that stood out the most as friends and co-players.


    I'm going to end this from a quote from no other than the real Gandalf himself:

    “I will not say: do not weep; for not all tears are an evil.”


    See ya around, you lovable bunch.

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