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a letter regarding YT (to cindy_k)

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sponcering youtube channels


hi cindy_k! or whoever is reading this... im thegirlwithcats, and i was wondering if it was possible for you to sponcer my youtube channel, its (obviously) thegirlwithcats and its all based on minecats, well its always gonna be in the server. hmm now that i think of it "sponcer" isnt the right word, more like publicize. I think it would be a win-win because the bigger my youtube channel gets, the bigger the server gets! i'll leave my the link to my youtube below.

I hope you choose to sponcer me!

have a nice day!

thegirlwithcats  image/emoticons/default_rolleyes.gif" alt=":rolleyes:" /> 




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    We're all for helping users and likewise we welcome any publicity from users via their YT channels. That said, we do have a Youtuber rank that's specifically for those who upload minecats videos and manage to get upwards of 500 subs. You're probably better going down this route as others have even though getting 500 subs will no doubt be a challenge. If you're active with videos and post minecats content then the Youtuber rank is totally possible.

    If we sponsored one YT channel, more and more users would ask for the same treatment which is why we have the Youtuber rank and ask for people to get upwards of 500 subs before we give them the Youtuber title which is essentially us sponsoring them for their efforts. Good luck with the channel and hopefully we'll see more Minecats videos being added in the future.

  • *sponsor*


    But anyways look at getting monetized/verified, and then usually comes the sponsorships. Upload regularly and edit content well, but focus on quality.  

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