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Holiday Scavenger Hunt!

edited December 2015 in SkyBlock & Parkours

Seasons greetings everyone, I hope you're all up for a challenge because we've got one in store for you!


A few of our Skyblock staff members were baking some gingerbread cookies and unfortunately misplaced some of the cookies! We were also visited by some reindeer but they got lost while visiting one of our warps. We need your help retrieving the gingerbread men and reindeer!




Find all 9 reindeer that are lost at /warp tumbleweed! (Reindeer heads)

Find all 5 lost gingerbread men at /spawn area! (Gingerbread heads)




Once you've found all 9 reindeer heads and all 5 gingerbread heads you will need to submit them at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12teMAMgBV3r1vjrRUghpKKhZ2LlH6V-UMgIfS9Ssnj0/viewform Each reindeer/gingerbread man has a sign next to it with a unique keyword or name that you will need to enter into the boxes on the form. The first person to submit all the correct names/keywords will win!


  • You can work with others, but there can be only ONE WINNER!



Our winner will receive 8,000 treats on the server of their choice and one special enchanted holiday cookie on Skyblock in gratitude for helping find the lost reindeer and cookies! 


Remember, the reindeer are hidden at /warp tumbleweed and the gingerbread men were last seen in different areas around /spawn on Skyblock! Submit your findings at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12teMAMgBV3r1vjrRUghpKKhZ2LlH6V-UMgIfS9Ssnj0/viewform 



- Thanks again everyone, and good luck out there!


  • to the guys out there being like wtf /warp tumbleweed is, it's the warp i showed on the second lately skyblock post (korpeheus)

    Isnt tumbleweed supposed to be a badass rpg world or something
  • going to be full of zombies and pigmens. Mostly mobs that own there own side of the warp

    But is the map made for the purpose of this scavanger hunt or for some kind of rpg thing
  • XD I finished it just now yus 

  • XD I finished it just now yus 


    Congratulations, you won! Please see me in-game to claim your rewards!

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