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Channel Rule Changes? - Explained

I am sure many of you have noticed that global has been changed to general on Creative now, but that is not all that has changed as far as Creative channel rules go!  Here I am going to explain them easily and in depth for you so you can refer to this page when you forget!



  • GENERAL (/ch g) - /ch general is used for general discussion between ALL players on MineCats Creative.

EXAMPLE: "Player 1: Hey guys what's up!"

                   "Player 2: Nothing much, dude!"

                   "Player 3: Same here!"


  • BUILD (/ch b) - /ch build is used for when you want to invite others to see a build you've made OR you need help building something and you want to ask for help. This channel is not used for general discussion.

EXAMPLE: "Player 1: Come to my plot to see a cool spaceship I made!"

                   "Player 2: Can someone come to my plot and help me build my                           statue?"



  •  TRADE (/ch t) - /ch trade is used to advertise your player shops, such as your head shops, op shops, etc.  It is also used if you are looking for a shop! Skin comps now go in this channel too, so advertise your skin comps in this channel too!

EXAMPLE: "Player 1: Come to my head shop! I have lots of stuff!"

                   "Player 2: Are there any op shops open?"

                   "Player 3: Hey come to my plot for an amazing skin comp!"



  • ROLEPLAY (/ch rp) - /ch roleplay is used to advertise/look for roleplays, adoption centers, dating centers, and marriagesRoleplay is not to act out roleplays, it is only used to advertise or look for them.

EXAMPLE: "Player 1: Any adoption centers?"

                   "Player 2: Come to my plot for a dating center!"

                   "Player 3: Come to my plot for a MYOR roleplay!"

                   "Player 4: We should go in /ch local to act out a roleplay :)"



  • HELP (/ch h) - /ch help is used when you need help in the server.  When you can't figure out a command or are having trouble with anything related to the server, ask in /ch help.

EXAMPLE: "Player 1: What is the command to go to my plot?"

                   "Player 2: What is the link to the MineCats forums?"


  • LOCAL (/ch l) - /ch local is for talking to players that are near you.  No one else can see /ch local except for people that are near you.  So /ch local is used for conversations between 2 or more players.  You should remain in /ch local if you can see the player you are talking with.  Roleplays should be acted out in this 

EXAMPLE: "Player 1: Good thing we are in local so no one else can see what                      we are saying."

                   "Player 2: Yeah, so no one has to know about the embarrassing                          thing you did yesterday ;)"    



I hope this has helped you adjust to the new channels rules on Creative (: Please let staff know if you have any further questions and thank you for cooperating with us!


- Vohvin



  • Thanks so much for posting this! I was too, a little confused on what goes where! Thanks for clearing that up! : image/emoticons/default_tongue.png" alt=":P" srcset="/emoticons/tongue@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" />

  • edited December 2015

    So, does anything building related go in /ch g now, too?

  • Thanks Voh! I was actually confused about the correct channel for skin comps before I read this.

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