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New server idea 'The Walls'

Hello readers, 

My name is Premium, I mostly play Kitpvp so if you've seen me there welcome to this thread i'm writing, I have had an idea I hope many people will agree with me on on not a lot of servers their is 'The walls' which is a survival Minigame in which you have to spawn on a corner of a huge square mine iron and coal gather food, wood, weapons, Experience points and dominate the other teams, this is done with a 15 Minute count down in which you have to gear up from scratch and be prepared to conquer all other teams, I think this should have its own server in the server selector as it can be extremely addicting and extremely fun to play, I think this will bring a whole new variety of players to Minecats more competitive survival players who want to play such a fun good server such as Minecats, I think this can help boost player count AND boost donation count also as you can setup custom perks for donors like spawning in with certain objects or structures which I think is such a worth while aspect in the game and I think it can help boost Minecats popularity a whole bunch due to it being such a well liked game but not too common throughout Minecraft servers, Only the best servers have games like these that's why I think it's time Minecats gets into the Big league because I love Minecats it's one of the best servers I have played I think ever, I hope you all agree with me on maybe a Future installment of The walls and all its amazing aspects and enjoyment which comes with it, Thanks for reading i'll also contribute ANY ideas that I can think of if needed.


- _Premium 


  • Nice post if staff decide to add this minigame I could see a lot of new ppl coming.

  • Thank you for the suggestion, we'll definitely take it into consideration. 

  • Sounds cool. And I LOVE the walls.

    So yeah, 


      ^^^ That'd be cool.

    You spoke for me right there.

  • cool + walls = cool walls

    yw just thought of the name for the minigame (if you decide to add it in)

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