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New Years Eve Party on Dubtrack

Hello everyone!


Stop by the MineCats Dubtrack.fm room on New Years Eve for a special New Years Eve event! We'll be playing music and re-capping a year of great memories and great times here on MineCats!


Since this is an event celebrating 2015, we ask that you keep all music recent for this event. ANY genre is allowed but please keep it all recent and please keep it appropriate for the event. Failure to follow these directions or any others given by staff members may result in a punishment/removal from our Dubtrack.fm room.


We also plan to give out a rank or two to some lucky players participating in the event, so be sure to stop by for awhile. 



We hope to see a lot of you there, and as always we hope you enjoy your new years festivities with family and friends!


Specific Event Information:


Date - Thursday December 31st, 2015

Time - 9pm EST

Place - MineCats Dubtrack.fm - https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/minecats


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