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Fire Emblem Awakening

This game was so popular, so I decided to try it. It is a great game, however you choose what you do. Post anything funny, sad, made you angry or awesome about this game. No, I'm not a therapist so don't ask me what to do about your problems. image/emoticons/default_biggrin.png" alt=":D" srcset="/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" />


So on about chapter 6 or 7 (I don't remember) you fight Validar, before he goes to see Grima, the fell dragon. I had every single person killed, except for Chrom, Robin, and, of course, Validar.I put Chrom vs. Validar, which brought Mr. V there to 1 HP. Robin was to far away to fight, so I kept him where he was. Of course, it turns to Enemy's Turn and Validar kills Chrom, with the Game Over screen coming up. I raged so bad. Validar had 1 HP. I died.

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