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Valentine's Day Build Contest

edited February 2016 in Creative Plots & VIP

We are having a Valentine's Day build contest on our Creative server.  Below is all the information you need to get started.



You have until February 14th midnight EST to complete your build.  Any entries after this date will not qualify.



The build needs to be Valentine's Day themed and cannot be pixel art.



The Valentine's Day build must be on /server creative.  Builds on any other server will not qualify. 



Builds cannot be offensive

Do not ask staff anything about other contestants.

More than one person can build on the plot but only the plot owner wins the prize.

The entry needs to be on a separate layer of your plot not mixed in with your other builds.



Judging is based on Theme, Creativity, Originality and Difficulty.




- Rextec_

- Vitalbra

- AeSix_Reficul

- Kohbay

- Creation467



On /server creative when you have completed your build, enter /modreq Valentine's Day Build Contest on whichever plot has the entry.



Announcing Winners

The winners will be announced before midnight on February 17th and listed in the announcements on /server creative and at the end of this thread.



1st prize: $10,000 on a MineCats server

2nd prize: $8,000 on a MineCats server

3rd prize: $5,000 on a MineCats server

4rth prize: $2,500 on a MineCats server

5th prize: $1,500 on a MineCats server


Have fun and good luck =D


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