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Emerald City Building Contest

After your long, enduring journey on following the road of the bright yellow bricks, you finally reach the most glorious and largest city in all of Oz… The Emerald City.




To celebrate the coming of Saint Patrick’s Day, we will be hosting a building contest for the MineCats Creative server. As you may have inferred from the introduction, you will be building the glorified Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz series.de6ae3988db3b38f28d54c9f4a475a0d.jpg


You may start building anytime, and will have until March 17th at midnight EST to finish your build. Any builds after this date will not be entered or judged.



The theme as stated is the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz series. You cannot build pixel art, and you will not need to have interiors for the buildings of the city.



The build must be on /creative. As of Creative's recent update to 1.9, we will only be accepting the builds on the old 64x64 plots. Builds on /creativevip or any other server will not qualify.



The builds cannot be offensive or inappropriate.

Do not ask staff anything about the other contestants.

You can work together on your build but only the plot owner will get the prize.

The entry must be on a separate layer of the plot, not mixed in with other builds.


The judging will be based on Theme, Creativity, Originality, and Difficulty.








After you finish your build:

When you have finished the build (which must be on the /creative server), create a /modreq regarding the Emerald City Contest and it will be entered for judging.

Announcing winners:

The winners will be announced by midnight on March 20th and listed in the announcements on /creative and in a separate thread regarding it.



First prize: An extra plot in /creative OR you can request a plot move to the new 1.9 plots if you are unable to. You will also get 8,000 treats on any MineCats server of choice, and have your build featured at spawn.

Second prize: 6,000 treats on any MineCats server of choice.

Third prize: 4,000 treats on any MineCats server of choice.


We hope you participate and have fun while doing so. Good luck!

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