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How to file a ban appeal (updated)

edited July 2016 in Support

First, read this entire post.

Click -> Here


fill in the various parts of the form;

Subject, Minecraft Character Name, Email, Server, & Reason

Subject should be a summary of what happened. Such as "Banned by AeSix for griefing on CreativeEnd"


Minecraft Character Name: This is your Minecraft account name, in my case it is AeSix_Reficul


Email: This is REQUIRED to be YOUR real email address. This is how we respond to you, request additional information, and give instruction in order for you to be unbanned. If our system can't send you an email, you won't get unbanned.

Server: The server on which you were banned and are now appealing. If it happened on Survival, select Survival - if it happened on Creative, select Creative.


Message; tell us what happened, why you were banned, what you have learned, and why you should be unbanned. Taking responsibility for your actions and not blaming staff will go a long way. Blaming staff for your actions will result in the appeal being denied and closed.

  (You should know we look for sincerity, and that not all bans will be lifted.)


If You are filing a ban appeal through the forum support system - make sure to change the Department from "Staff Applications" to "Ban Appeals" or if You don't select this, we won't receive your appeal, it will instead be put into the Staff Applications, where it will be closed when seen.


After you're done, click "Submit" and wait.

We will reply to you, it may take a day or 2, but we will reply.

Bothering staff in the lobby, or other servers, creating modreqs on other servers, posting in the forums or other places will not get you unbanned.


Hopefully you will never need these instructions, but if you or a friend does, I hope they help! :)/emoticons/default_smile.png" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20">




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