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How to apply for staff (Updated)

edited July 2016 in Support

First, read this entire post.

Click -> /index.php?/support/create/" rel="">Here


Fill in the various parts of the form

Title, Department, Message, Minecraft Character Name, Server, and several required questions.

Title should be a summary of your goal. Such as "Creative CubTamer Application"


Department will be "Staff Apps" - if You don't select this, we won't receive your application.


Minecraft IGN: This is your Minecraft account name, in my case it is AeSix_Reficul

Questions: There are several questions which you will need to answer. These are required and will not allow you to finalize the application until you complete them.


Server: The server on which you are applying for. If it happens you are applying for multiple positions, select the one server you prefer.


Message; Tell us these things: Who you are, What you have done for the server and MineCats, When you are usually on, The servers you are usually on & which you want to be staff on,  and most importantly your goal for being staff and why we should consider you.

  (You should know we look for sincerity, intelligence, maturity and social skills.)


After you're done, click "Submit Request" and wait.

We will reply to you, it may take quite some time, but we will reply.

Bothering staff in the lobby, or other servers, creating modreqs on other servers, posting in the forums or other places will not look good for you and may cause you to be denied staff.


Have a wonderful day, Good luck and See ya on the servers! :)/emoticons/default_smile.png" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20">


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