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How to report other problems

edited May 2016 in Support

This is slightly out of date as it was written a week before we upgraded the forums. After the upgrade, this process changed slightly.  Please use your best judgment to do as you can to follow the spirit of this post.  When I get some free time, I will update the post(s) with new instructions.





First, read this entire post.

Click -> /index.php?app=nexus&module=support&section=new" rel="">Here

/index.php?app=nexus&module=support&section=new" rel="">THIS IS FOR REPORTING UNUSUAL PROBLEMS AND FOR WORKING WITH A STAFF ON A PROBLEM ONLY!
This is NOT for anything that should be reported through a /modreq. This is NOT for reporting the server is down or that you cannot connect. (Check the CHAT button above and ask in there, it may take a few minutes to get a reply though)  This also is NOT for staff applications nor for ban appeals.  Abuse of Other Problems will result in forum warning points.



Fill in the various parts of the form

Title, Department, Message, Minecraft Character Name, Server, and several required questions.

Title should be a summary of the problem. Such as "Picture showing grief"


Department will be "Other Problems" - if You don't select this, we won't be able to resolve the issue.


Message; Tell us as much information and details about the problem as possible. If asked by staff to use this to report an issue, post logs or screenshots, please be as specific as possible.

  (This is not to be used for ban appeals, staff applications, language infractions, or anything else that should be modreq'd in game or talked to staff directly about.)


Minecraft Character Name: This is your Minecraft account name, in my case it is AeSix_Reficul


Server: The server on which you are reporting the issue. If the problem is on multiple servers, select the server with the worse incident.


Attach Files: If you have files (such as screenshots, log files) which need to be communicated to staff, use this feature.


After you're done, click "Submit Request" and wait.

If this is something you have taken upon yourself to report, we will see it.  We may not reply back immediately, but will let you know when the issue is resolved.

Otherwise, let the staff member who directed you to use Other Problems that it has been posted, and they will continue to work with you, as time permits.


Have a wonderful day, Good luck and See ya on the servers! :)/emoticons/default_smile.png" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20">


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