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MORE Player Shops

edited April 2016 in survival

Hey to all of the Minecats forums!


As some of you may already know, a second ring of player shops has been added to the survival spawn. This ring can be gotten to by crossing the bridges that go from the first ring to the second ring.


However, I have noticed that most of you only seem to be aware of the STAFF shop section that we added. This is just to let you all know that staff shops only take up about 40% of the second ring. The staff shops are located on the raised part of the ring.


You can move to the lower part of the second ring to find many more new player shops have also been added for all of you and a very small amount of them are currently occupied.


Shops can also be got to by doing: /warp shops5 6 or 7


Loads of you wanted them and now they have been added, so what are you waiting for!


Have fun and I'll see you in survival.


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