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Greek City

The Current Statistics of Houses and Market Stalls

So far I have 10 people for houses and 3 for market stalls (these are subject to change but I'll update the numbers as soon as I get more or less people who want market stalls or houses.) 

Important Edits

IMPORTANT EDIT: Houses are on hold  right now, you may NOT request a house at the moment due to the amount of people who requested them. If I can take more, I will; for now I repeat they are on hold.

IMPORTANT EDIT #2: I'd prefer it if you requested by replying to this topic or PM-ed me like "Request: (thing you want, ex: house, market stall, Q & A)" 

IMPORTANT EDIT #3: Need to know how many of you would like to share so it's not all houses and I get some cool things. I need to know this ASAP so tell me if you get the chance. Also, I'd like to know how if you want to above or below if you do want to share. I am NOT going to force anyone to share if you would really prefer not to because I myself would not, but if you'd like please tell me as it makes more space for other whatsits and thingamabobs and that'd make it less flat and boring! (Also check out About the Houses and Market Stalls and Questions I Have for You, I added some things :)


Hey everyone! I'm currently working on a Greek city-state and I'd like to see how many people want a market stall in the agora (Greek market-place) and how many people would like a house. If you do, PM me or reply here. Space is limited, so if you really want a market stall or a house, be sure to ask me soon!

This will most likely not be finished for a little bit, but as a rough estimate I'd say it'd be done in two or so weeks, only because this week is very busy for me, but I'll try to work on this as much as I can! You can see how it's going at /p h:7 LadyViridi.

Rules of Thumb

When visiting, please DO NOT try to get in the way or disrupt me if I'm there working on it. I'd also appreciate it if you didn't hound me on finishing this. I don't need help on this, and I will decline any requests to be added or trusted. I appreciate your eagerness to help, but I've got it all under control.

About the Houses and Market Stalls

Once and only after  I build your market stall or house, I will add you, but any suspicious activity will result in a remove. You may edit the interior (And ONLY  the interior) of your house or market stall to your liking.

You may NOT request to have a balcony for your house, period. I am not sure what the houses will look like, but they will most likely be very similar to this.  I apologize if it's not exactly right but this will be very close to what the final product will look like. You may request to have a basement but if you're sharing, you must be on the bottom floor. I'm only doing two per one house so they don't get really tall and look like skyscrapers.


Questions I have for You

I also need to know if you guys want an acropolis but just keep in mind that will mean less space for houses. (EDIT: The acropolis is most likely not happening because of the amount of people who want a house.) Right now I really need to know how many people want MARKET STALLS. I'd also like to know if you humanlings want/need a Q & A, if so I can add that.

Thanks everyone! B)/emoticons/default_cool.png" title="B)" />


  • 8 hours ago, jacki5389 said:

    good luck building up


    If you want any tips ask apigwithabat, he's the most amazing builder i know so far, he built rome. not in one day but in months, like the whole rome.

    Thanks, sounds cool 

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