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Creative's channels help

edited June 2016 in Creative Plots & VIP

(This page was mostly written by Vohvin - her /index.php?/topic/1020-channel-rule-changes-explained/" rel="">post is here)


Creative's chat channels each have their own meaning and use.  Following the guidelines for these channels is important to keep the chat organized and comprehensible.  Some older players returning from a long break may notice that we no longer have a green global channel or a build channel - these have been merged to a single general channel.  This was done to trim the number of channels. Regardless of the channel, all MineCats rules for chat are expected to be followed. No inappropriate chat, no inappropriate discussions, no inappropriate roleplays; no vulgarity; no harassment, no disrespect and no rudeness - basically nothing that you wouldn't say in front of your parents, religious leaders, teachers, bosses or law enforcement officers - or cindy_k. Additionally, follow all other server /rules as well, please, or we'll have a lot of sad pandas on staff :,(



GENERAL (/ch g) - /ch general is used for general discussion between ALL players on MineCats Creative.


"Hey guys what's up!"

"Dude! Come see my awesome grass block!"

"Who seen the big game last night?"


VIP (/ch v) - /ch VIP is exactly like /ch general but only for donators and staff. Chat is a nice orange color, and rules may be bent a little more than in general as well.


LOCAL (/ch l) - /ch local is for talking to players that are near you. This includes chat for Roleplays, Trades, and semi-private conversations (Other players may wander near). Server rules apply, especially if reported.


"How many heads do you want? Just these three?"

"Hi! My roleplay Character's name is PrincessLovesCats and I'm a feline mage!"

"I don't like the conversation you're having near my plot, take it to /tell please, and thank you! :)"


 TRADE (/ch t) - /ch trade is used to ASK and ANNOUNCE anything to do with in-game trades - shops, competitions, player-to-player trades for unique items (Heads, Banners, Shields) But use /CH LOCAL or /TELL to discuss the deal.


"Come to my head shop! I have lots of stuff!"

"Are there any banner shops open?"

"Hey come to my plot for an amazing skin comp!"


ROLEPLAY (/ch rp) - /ch roleplay is used to ASK FOR and ANNOUNCE roleplays. RPers are required to use /CH LOCAL or /PARTY CHAT to play out their RPs - and I should remind you that ALL RPs are required to follow MineCats rules


"Any HS or College RPs?"

"Come to my plot for a dating center!"

"MYOR roleplay at Notch's Second Home!"


HELP (/ch h) - /ch help is to ask for assistance with in-game problems. This includes commands; help with rules/channels; asking for staff; And for asking for help to be un-muted or unbanned (such as for a friend)


"What is the command to go to my plot?"

"What is the link to the MineCats forums?"

"How does my friend file a ban appeal?"

"Why was I muted in <some channel>?"


PARTY (/party) - /party chat is ideal for Roleplays, creative build groups, or just talking to your friends without others around to bother you about what you say. MineCats rules still apply if chat is reported.


TELL (/tell player-name) - /tell is a direct message between you and the player you sent the tell to. This is good for private 1 to 1 conversations, and getting someone's attention, also good for trades!


MSG (/msg player-name) - /msg is also a direct message between you and the player you sent it to.  This is different from /tell in that this will send the message to players on other MineCats servers (such as if you're on Creative and they're on Survival)


MODREQ (/modreq) - Though /modreq isn't a chat channel per`se, it is a useful communication tool between players and staff. If there is any issue you need to report, are unable to get help with in /ch help, do not want to be made public, or there's simply no staff on when you're needing help or reporting the problem - file a /modreq

* If you have been muted in all channels, including help - you can file a modreq requesting a staff to chat with you in /msg

* For reporting inappropriate builds, signs, symbols, or players actions, chat or skins 

* Requesting Plot checks for parkours - at least until we get another plugin to do that

* Asking for help with issues about ranks and donations

* Entering MineCats build competitions

* Asking for help with anything that would go in /ch help - as long as you've asked in /ch help first and got no answer

* Requesting an upper staff for any reason, as long as it won't get you rocketed to the moon!



Most of this information is available on the sign board at spawn on Creative. You can use those signs as reference if you need to - or just ask in /ch help :)/emoticons/default_smile.png" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">


  • Very helpful! Should clear up any confusion, one may have!

  • This is a good chance for people to look at this and of course follow the channel rules! Thanks for all of the help! We won't have to tell new people what channel to use as much.

  • I'll have to spread this around but I will help with alot of channel problems I really like it thank you for the help you are awesome Ae!!

  • 16 hours ago, Jessalexis said:

    I'll have to spread this around but I will help with alot of channel problems I really like it thank you for the help you are awesome Ae!!

    It's nice to see players wanting to help other players! Just don't go overboard so that you're not being obnoxious to the other players :)/emoticons/default_smile.png" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">


  • On 6/5/2016 at 0:17 PM, AeSix said:

    * Requesting an upper staff for any reason, as long as it won't get you rocketed to the moon!


    Team rocket is blasting off agaaaaaaain *twinkling sound*

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