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Challenges Reset

I changed my name from xMadiison to Madiii. I had all of the challenges completed and my head at spawn but when I changed my name all of my challenges were reset. Before changing my name I asked if my challenges would be reset and I was told that they shouldn't but they did. Do I need to do the challenges over again or can this be fixed?


  • This is ubsurd!

  • On 6/22/2016 at 3:58 PM, kittyqueen11 said:

    This is ubsurd!

    If you meant absurd, you're right.

    However, things happen.  Sometimes they're mistakes, sometimes they're purposefully done. Sometimes they're errors that are unforeseen and have no resolution.

    Of course, this could be taken as a new opportunity to complete the challenges even quicker than the previous time.


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