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New Server- Modded SMP

Hello! I have been working on a mod pack for a long time, and I was wondering what I would use it for... So heres an idea for a new server- Modded SMP (Survival Multiplayer)

This mod pack was originally called Rose Craft, but we can think of a new name. Here are the mods for it-

Bagginses (Backpack mod), Double Jump (You can craft new boots that give you double jumps!), Crafting Craft (MUCH Better crafting tables + Inventory 3x3 Crafting wand), Biomes o Plenty (Flawless new biome server), Iron Chests (Better chests that have more storage), Simple Teleporters (Craftable Teleporters), Realistic Torches (Better torches that burn out), Animals Plus (New, creative mobs!), Gentle Harvest (Better farming and auto replanting crops), Unicorn and Pegasi (New Unicorn and flying horse mobs), More Furnaces (Adds better furnaces that smelt multiple things at the same time), Packing Tape (Portable Chests), Extra Golems (Different types of golems), Sophisticated Wolves (More types of wolves along with realistic wolves), Craftable Horse armor and Saddle mod (Items that aren't normally craftable have recipes), Dynamic Lights (Holding torches generates light), Plant Mega Pack Mod (New plants, flowers, hanging plants, etc).

Although there are lots of mods, removing lag would be easy with plugins.

Territory claiming would be just like in creative wilds, and you can enable or disable visitors and/or pvp in your land plot. I couldnt put the mod pack file into an attachment (Since it is too big) so hopefully you can make it! All of these mods are available on .

If you have any ideas, please tell me! This is just the first idea. Thank you for reading, I hope you consider adding this!


  • MineCats servers are plugin-based Spigot servers, not Forge modded servers.

    We cannot at this time introduce modded servers into MineCats, however, this sounds pretty cool.

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