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New fwind appeared

Hi everyone! ;3

I can't actually write 50 paragraphs about myself here; at least one should be here. Here we go:

My mc username's Myokki as you might see; you can call me Myo or whatever you want from my last usernames.

I got CubTamer recently on the Creative Server; I will do my best to represent my favourite MineCats server by helping in chat and preventing anyone to break the rules.

I change my user every time I can; now I think I'll change my name to either Galaqua and Myokki.


Do not ask me why the "fwind" word came from; I just invented it for no reason.


I think that's it for my introduction; thank you for reading this small introduction I made without any reason to make. haha, see you next time! :3



  • Congratulations on CubTamer!


    It's a great honor to work for this amazing server, and I'm glad it's you, since you seem like a great Tamer type!


    Have fun keeping the server amazing!



  • Welcome! :)/emoticons/default_smile.png" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">


  • Congrats on Tamer! I'm so happy for you fwind! :3

  • Welcome to the minecats staff family , we are happy to have you myoki ! and congratulations on becoming a CubTamer!!!

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