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How to get Item/Block IDs for WorldEdit in Creative

So some people on Creative still do not know that you can do "F3 + H" to get Block and Item IDs for Minecraft items. I think this is due to a lack of them knowing which EXACT keys to press. In this quick tutorial, I will tell you how to use "F3 + H" on different computers.



DESKTOP: Just press and hold F3 and press H while holding F3. It will say in chat: [DEBUG]: Advanced Tool Tips: Shown

LAPTOP: Laptops are a bit harder. Press and hold FN and F3 and press H. It should say the same thing as above.



For a MAC computer, it doesn't matter if it's a desktop or a laptop, Press and hold FN and F3 (F3 may be in small font) and press H. You'll see the Advanced Tool Tips: Shown in chat.



Do same for Windows PCs. 


Thanks For Reading! Drop a reply if this did or didn't work for you!


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