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Rank help

edited August 2016 in Support

I bought the "Combo" rank for Survival testerday and I logged on today and I still did not recieve it. I tried to restart Minecraft but that did not work either. If someone can help me get my rank back that would be great. My IGN is BgCookies.


I have the link right here 




Thanks ?



  • please give all information in a support ticket here:

    Include the email address you used

    include the minecraft username used

    include the name on billed account


    the owner (cindy_k) will look into the situation as soon as possible, but only after you file the appropriate support request.

  • I'll say that this is true because i had the same issue some time ago with creative and survival, i purchased some ranks and i did not received they. I made a support ticket with all the info needed and cindy_k fixed the issue personally. Don't worry if you dont get instantly its normal, but if you dont receive it in the next hours just contact to the staff via Support ticket and they will fix it as soon as they can read your ticket.


    Thanks for contacting us, have a wonderful day.



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