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Recently, I've been seeing a LOT of hate towards other players, and I'm not exaggerating on this topic. This is seriously unacceptable and terrible. Do they seriously want to be cyberbullies? Because these people are acting like them. This is a more serious topic than my other ones because there's a LOT of terrible people on minecats who just go on this server to be mean to each other. This is not okay. Minecats is supposed to be a peaceful server with everyone (almost everyone) being friends, and NOPE. At least once a day, if not every other day, there's a rude person on Minecats. Quit it, this is terrible. Normally we fix the problem, but there's one user in mind I see that called my friend "Isis" (you know who you are). That is seriously not okay, and I also heard from that same friend that she was called a disease. This is not the minecats I know and love. And I hate it when we fight, but this has to stop.

Roasting Wars are fine by me if they're all fun and games. Sometimes I LET people roast me to see what they come up with. I'm fine with that, but not with intentional hurting.




  • The bad thing is, as I was writing this post, there was fighting going on >~<


  • I agree with this. I get rude comments about me made all the time. And then there's my...nickname. It is certainly never ok. Thank you for making this post Noote.


    -Iris of the wolves <3

  • Hey Noote,


    I just want to say THANK YOU for posting this, and, I think a lot of the server would agree with me that this is a great topic.


    I hope some of the people on MineCats that don't realize they are being rude, read this, and understand that it hurts feelings.


    Thanks again,


  • :D/emoticons/default_biggrin.png" srcset="/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" title=":D" width="20" />:D/emoticons/default_biggrin.png" srcset="/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" title=":D" width="20" />

  • I'll keep an eye out. However, I cannot be on all the time. I will try my best. 


    I will let other staff know.

  • One person can make a difference. Unfortunately, one person being negative can make much more of an impact than even a whole group of pacifists sitting by doing nothing about it.  That one person being negative and that whole group of pacifists not helping causes the job to be much larger for one person to be be overwhelmingly positive.  Often that one person is a CubTamer, mod or other staff, and when that one person can't overcome that entire groups' negativity, there's few options left.  One is to mute/ban everyone, the other is to ignore it and hope the pacifist quiet ones figure out they need to step up and start being more positive to counter balance those being negative.

    Yes, reporting them is a good thing to do.   Bring the issue to a staff's attention is also a great thing to do - sometimes staff who are online aren't paying attention to the content of chat, only occasionally looking for the most visible of offenses. (and that's fine, Staff who aren't able to have fun on the server are worthless staff) 

    For those who find certain people to be overbearingly negative, rude, cantankerous, or abusive, and no one is able to do anything (such as no staff being on), you have options.  You can use the ignore features (/msgignore /chignore /ignore) (I feel like I'm missing one there, sorry - also, I think cindy_k is working on the plugin to make the ignores more apparent as to their function)  You can also talk to staff on Discord (http://minecats.com/discord) and with their permission send screenshot images to them right in chat. 

    However, when reporting a player for breaking the rules, it is best to be as descriptive as possible.  This includes giving us their username, what server you were on, which server they were on, what rule they broke, and how they broke it.  - This applies to every means of reporting for any means of rules breakage, including reporting players who are not being courteous and respectful.

    Now, with that all said.  Some users on MineCats are overly sensitive to things and may claim someone to be rude, offensive, abusive, etc.  Generally, it is up to the staff to decide if rules are actually being broken or not.  If the staff finds that the player is within the rules with what they are saying, doing, building, then it is the person reporting the issue that needs to correct what they are doing - even if that means ignoring the person, leaving the channel the person is talking in (to leave local channel, that's /lev l  - and to leave general, /lev g )   If the "offending" player is found to not be breaking the rules, they may still be asked to keep the conversation or topic in local.  It is expected that the staff person will not have to talk to that player again, nor that the player who reported them will be doing so again.

    MineCats is a large community of mostly awesome people.  It's also that community's responsibility to keep itself awesome and positive.  When staff have to do all of that for the community, it becomes a place no one wants to be.  Staff are here to help the community, and specifically individual players to overcome challenges in staying awesome and positive, not to force it on everyone.  But staff can't do their job if they're not informed, if they're not listened to or being abused by the community.  Do what you can to help the community, to be positive, to stay awesome, and the staff will be there to help you do that too, if you let them.


  • Thanks for Posting dis Noote I Feel terribly sad i wish i could help =( but i can't I Hope you fix this soon as possible Good Day to ya All Feline Kittens

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