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Vicious reindeerz_ / RadRach

edited August 2016 in SkyBlock & Parkours

The user 'Reindeerz_' Just started randomly being extremely vicious towards a user called 'ElishaSings' they have been arguing non stop and there are no mods online :/ Reindeerz_ + RadRach need to be banned or something?









  • edited August 2016

    i personally dont see the viciousness in reindeerz_ comments. the only thing i see is elishasings being vicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • and if u wouldnt have only posted the comments that made reindeerz_ look bad you would have seen elishasings first called her out saying she had anger issues and being extremely rude! reindeerz_ is innocent!

  • Woah okay so, let's just not blame anyone for what happened. It's sad to see anyone being rude to each other anywhere, but a day later, there's really nothing people can do. Please everyone be kind to each other, and if you see people being rude again and there's no staff on to fix it, just try your best to get them to stop or simply leave it be. Again, always act as you would if the owner was on. Being rude to people is only going to end out bad for you in the end. Thank you for making a post about this topic, it was definitely a good thing to do in this situation. Have a nice day, and be kind please :)/emoticons/default_smile.png" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20" />


    -Iris of the wolves <3

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