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on NameMC
The road to Top 5


Do you want a chance to win a free Patriot rank on any MineCats server? 


Help us get back into the top 5 positions on NameMC and you will be entered for the drawing!  There will be 3 top prizes, for 3 MineCats players.  The drawing will take place on or shortly after 1 October 2016.  The drawing will only be held if MineCats is in a Top 5 position on NameMC's server listing by and until the end of September!


Follow the steps below to help MineCats, and to enter to win.


But first! The prizes:
1) 1 Patriot on any MineCats server

2) 1 Citizen on any MineCats server

3) 1 Titles pack   

(MineCats Vanilla does not have ranks nor titles and is excluded from "any MineCats server")


And Now! The instructions:
1) Read and understand this page before following these instructions!

2) Go to https://namemc.com/server/play.minecats.com 

3) Read & Follow the instructions at the top of that page.

4) You will be given a unique Minecraft address similar to 7185xa43.like.namemc.com

5) Use Minecraft to connect to your unique server address (when your address is used, it will not work again)

Once you connect, you will immediately be disconnected, with a screen that looks similar to  this:
If this screen shows "Your like has been recorded!" You are all set!


6) If you have already "Liked" MineCats (Now or previously) You can confirm you have entered the contest

Go to your profile page and look for your "Favorite Servers" section


(Replace "your minecraft name here" with your username) & You will see this:


7) Tell your friends to Like MineCats on NameMC.

You can even check your friends' profile page to see if they already Like MineCats! Use the same link above, but put their username instead of yours after the 'profile/' part!

If you need to help your friend to connect to NameMC's server to Like MineCats, you can reload https://namemc.com/server/play.minecats.com to get a new address which you can give to and tell your friend to connect to.  Each address can be used only once, so a new address must be generated from that web page. If you have already Liked MineCats in the past, or have entered our previous NameMC contest, YOU ARE STILL ENTERED (unless you unliked us - :(/emoticons/default_sad.png" srcset="/emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" title=":(" width="20"> sad panda is sad)  

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