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State of MineCats (Sept 2016)

Hi all!

There's quite a few changes going on!  Lots of new staff, lots of promotions, and copious amounts of new players!  There's even some new servers, and some that have been refurbished.  Oh, and some changes to the lobbies as well.

So first, let's start with the most awesome news: PROMOTIONS! :D/emoticons/default_biggrin.png" srcset="/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" title=":D" width="20">

Creative and Survival have new admins,  n_harmonia is the new Admin for Creative.  He has exceeded my expectations, and has gone above and beyond as Moderator and as SrMod to continue to do his best for Creative.  Wish him luck! 

Over at Survival, Cinek_ has been given Admin as well.   Speaking of Survival, there's several new CubTamers and Moderators over there, wlrsaint being a new Moderator.  Rextec_ is Admin on the MiniGames server, and will be assisted with his dutied by Cinek_ there as well.  They have some awesome new stuff in store for MiniGames server! 

Vanilla has a CubTamer, though the title isn't there (He sports only a [*] in white as his title), is Leifbella.  He has done good things for Vanilla and has stayed in communication with cindy_k and myself regarding events and goings-on on Vanilla.  Congrats goes out to him. 

CreativeVIP and CreativeWilds have seen an influx in users, and the CubTamers have been handling things there quite well.  We may see some promotions on these servers soon as well! 

SkyBlock has one of our youngest Moderators, but she has time and time again proven she is capable of handling herself and the tasks of being a Mod on SkyBlock.  xBippyx has been doing a wonderful job and deserves a shout out from everyone!

MaxTech_ has been doing a fantastic job promoting UnderWorld.  He was promoted to CubTamer some time ago, and if he had his way, UnderWorld would have 500 people on it at all times, if not more!  He's an awesome member of staff, if a bit excitable.  Thank You Max!

We have a few servers that need some staff as well.  Prison could use some love, but this requires someone who knows what they're doing with Prison, and don't expect to have free reign.  In Prison terms, we're looking for more of a trustee rather than a guard or warden. 

CatFight, our replacement server for KitPvP was to be opened for testing by now, however due to unfortuanate circumstances, as well as a long weekend for myself, this has been delayed for at least a week.  Once open however, I'm sure a LOT of people, even the usually non-PvP players will find it interesting and fun!  CatFight got a new name because KitPvP will be only one aspect of the server.  I can't tell you much about the other aspects, other than their names:  StreetBrawl and The Lost Woods.  CatFight is also the home of Catopolis, which is going to be a semi-live world for KitPvPers to play on.

IEServer (Industrial Evolution) has taken a serious back seat to everything else that has been going on.  We're still looking for someone who can work with myself and the server to be able to write the wiki we so desperately need before we can open the server.  I'm not joking here folks, IE Server is such a complicated and robust server, playing on it without a wiki is the same as playing on a vanilla server.  I and cindy_k have created in-game tutorials, as well as the author making a complete city using many of the auto farmers, the power generators, the weaponized towers, etc - and it was too daunting for most users to play on.  With a proper wiki, it should be easier.

MiniGames has been re-opened with PaintBall and BuildingGames mini-games.  Paintball has a single playfield map for the time being, and BuildingGames has a few quirks that we would like for players to report to us, preferably before October! 

Mak (warmplay) is planning and in charge of MineCats' Halloween event this year.  She has some great ideas which many of the staff are working on to make happen.  We're talking skin comps, haunted houses, ghost stories, and much more! 

Many new CubTamers, and CubTrainees on Creative, too many to list.  They're all doing wonderful and each of them are making awesome improvements as players, people and members of the community.  It's awesome to see so many great people doing what they love!

Speaking of awesome things staff has been doing, well, they'll get to build municipal projects on a new server - MineCats Gardens.  Right now, Gardens is limited to a handful of staff who are building new things for MineCats' other servers, and for a small build teaming making a new spawn.  Once these are done, and the server has been fixed up properly, it will be home to the Peaceful world.  As far as non-staff are concerned, Gardens will be a Peaceful Survival server with few modifications.  This means there are no mobs, but all blocks and items are still mined and crafted, and the player can still die.  This should be opened to the public by the end of September.  Currently we have no plans of Citizen or Patriot on Gardens, however, as more features are added to the server, we may add Citizen as an option, and later open up for Patriot type features as well!

The lobbies havn't been forgotten... ok, yeah, I kinda did forget them, but I remembered after all!  We have a new lobby being built, it will feature two billboard walls, a circular design, and a grand view from a perched platform.  Basically, it's going to be cool, and you'll all love it! Oh, and new signs by some of our awesome staff! 


In case you missed it, we're running a contest for NameMC server listing - if we're in the top 5 by the end of September, we're giving away some prizes.  I'm probably going to open the Fall Harvest build competition soon as well.  This will be on a special world made just for competitions, so don't get any head starts on creative, it won't be useful.  Well, might be for figuring out what you want to build.  This comp though will be slightly different in that it's going to be limited to what blocks you can use. *evil grin*

Ok, I know some of you are probably yelling by now about something I've not hit on yet.  My own promotion, to SysOp. This is in part due to the awesome staff keeping play time family friendly and enjoyable for everyone.  We've got a lot of promotions as mentioned above, and more to come in the near future (I don't want to spoil anyone's surprises, so I won't mention names) My role here is going to be focusing more on the software and host computer systems, with a much lighter touch with the in-game stuff.  I'm going to continue to guide the new admins and SrMods, and will work with this team to ensure the servers are running properly, that staff policies are maintained, and that the rules are being followed by all players.  Our wonderful owner, cindy_k and I will continue to work on updating the servers, and she and I are going to start working on some new things for MineCats. 


A few other things I would like to bring to the attention of players and staff alike:

First, we're not accepting applications for admin or op, and we never accept applications for builder. Each of these positions needs to be earned by a series of long term events, activities and most importantly the actions, behaviors and attitudes of the person being offered these roles. There's a lot of cool people on MineCats, but being cool is not enough.  Being on staff has many privileges and benefits, but it also requires higher responsibility than just being a player.  Staff aren't just supposed to follow the rules and enforce the rules, they're also there to be shining examples of what to do, to be role models, to be community leaders, and to assist the needs of the one or the many.  IF you've applied for staff and were denied, work on yourself, on becoming the better you that you can be, and one day you may be on staff too!

Now, about staff - There's a lot of great things about being on staff.  But one thing I've seen mentioned from time to time is "how much does staff get paid" - well, none of the staff are paid.  We all, including I, do this freely with our own free time.  This may make you ask "What about all of the contributions from Patriot and Citizen and titles, and such?"  This money goes directly to MineCats' account to pay for servers and other expenses. This is why contributing to MineCats when you can is important, and why we need to stay on the front page of all the server lists.  At the very least, you can vote for MineCats on many of the server list sites we are on, and to Like MineCats on NameMC.  You can read more about that by going to http://minecats.com/namemc   - There is a contest, if we get to the top 5, we'll be giving away some prizes.  And you can get the list of server lists we're on from in-game by doing the /vote command!




  • Great update, glad to see we've got a game plan coming along!


  • We've had one for a long while, I'm glad we've got a team that can push through the difficulties and produce awesomeness :)/emoticons/default_smile.png" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">

    Not to be sappy, but you guys are awesome! The admins down to the CTs - And the players too! Thank You all! :)/emoticons/default_smile.png" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">

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