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Creative : Redstone security makes redstone unusable.

edited October 2016 in Support

Hey there,


I've joined the server yesterday looking for a nice server with creative to play on. This server is really nice and gives the players in creative a lot of freedom compared to other servers.

But I have a complaint to make about the security that prevents people from keeping redstone on. Basically, if you keep a redstone wiring on for too long, it replaces the activated redstone with signs. That's a good protection, I agree, but it also creates other problems revolving around timing.


I've been trying to make a simple fake piston 4x4x1 trap for an hour, I realized after half an hour whenever I left the redstone on, it deleted it. Not a problem, I'll try and improve.





I improve it as best as possible so that only a small section is activated by redstone (pistons, repeaters and torches). I press the button, it works. 

So I decide to press it a second time, after the pistons closed the hole, it's okay. A third time, circuit broke, and now I have to spend 10 more minutes just to repair it. Great.

I wasn't trying to build a redstone clock, just a normal piston door.


I'm counting on making a puzzle maze where you have to press a button then run as fast as possible to the exit on the other side of the maze, before it closes. The redstone circuit is nothing complicated, but it will be activated for 30 seconds once the button is pressed. Based on my previous experiences, people will want to spam the button to give other players time to locate the exit. But the problem is, I can imagine the redstone will break after a few presses, making the whole maze unsolvable and leaving me to have to repair the redstone each time. 



PS : I made the map by the way. Link : http://labyrinthmaster.deviantart.com/art/Minecraft-Klaustrophobia-Maze-Design-507204564


I'm happy I've found a good creative server, I don't want to just leave because I can't build my mazes here properly.

If you could consider my thread and maybe fix this problem, it would be great. Thanks.



  • I'm sorry, but we've learned from past experiences that redstone clock circuits, as well intentioned as they can be, can cause a severe amount of server lag when there are too many running.  This only affects redstone with state changes that happen too often (on to off or off to on) To prevent your circuit from being damaged, slow down the clock. 

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