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Wow! I am very very late! For a very important....forum post!


Hello all!

I'm MrsSaint (Formerly known as LalaJackieLala). I am a CT (cubtamer) on survival, which is the main server I like to play on, as well as Moderator on Gardens, and working closely with AeSix and WlrSaint85 on Industrial Evolution. (Really though, I'm just taking notes and then making those notes make sense so that the server makes sense to other people, Savvy?) I've somehow slowly become known as the Survival "Momma" to some players.


I've started doing irregular streams (No schedule lol) with Jperc on survival as well, and we plan to tour the Gardens server soon as well. Check us out sometime! Just search up Jperc02 on Youtube!


I really like to community here as well. Upper staff is pretty good about getting problems taken care of quickly, as well as always working on new content for us to try out.


Can't wait to see what MineCats has is store for all of us in the coming months. Come visit me over on Survival or Gardens sometime and say Hello!




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