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Yandere HS RP??

I am a big fan of Yandere Simulator and I decided that I should work on a Yandere HS RP, and there will be 5 rivals (some of them is similar to a Yan Sim Rival) but the names are made as well but that will be later when I get to play minecraft.


Art Club President: She is very big on creativity and will always paint/draw pictures of Senpai, when she has the time to, she will be a Kuudere and she is sweet, loving, and cares about everyone.


Martial Arts Member: She is very outgoing and obsessed by athletics, so she joined the Martial Arts Club after her Athletic Club closed down for unknown reasons, she will be strong, and will love senpai, she will be a DereDere


Drama Club President: (Based off of Kizana and Megami) She is a Himdere, shes the most beautiful girl in the school, she is very popular, a certified genius, AND the most popular actress in the area!


Cooking Club Member: (Based of off Amai Odayaka) She is a DereDere, very big about cooking and wants senpai to be her "Assistant" chef.


Delinquent Rival: (Based off of Osoro Shidesu) She the most violent, evil, strongest, AND troubled girl in the whole school! She has been suspended ever since she made a gang, and the school is trying to expel her! She will force senpai into being her boyfriend!! 


That is all the rivals I designed for the RP whenever I come, though I will need people to roleplay these rivals, so whenever I start my building school, there will be a drama club between 5:40-6:00 PM (Eastern US time) and it will focus on this RP. Again all the names have been made so no need to leave name suggestions! Okay! Cya!


Sorry for the long post! I tried to keep it as short as possible.


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