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Profile Picture

As you can see my profile picture (when im posting this) is blank. I would like to change it, when I go onto the option to change the picture but I dont know how to find an images' URL. When I try to insert a profile picture another way it just doesnt work, hence my only option is the URL, which I dont know how to find.


  • So, you have to find your photo on google, then, on the side, there should be a little button saying "view image." Press that, and, at the top of the new page, there will be a link.


    If that does not work, the photo might be too big. 




  • You might need to make the image smaller. I turned mine into a PNG and went into my art program. Using the transform tool, I made it smaller and saved it that way.

  • I will try that, thank you.


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