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Minecats and 1.11

Minecats has not completely updated to 1.11 support yet.


That will be coming soon!

In the mean time, you will need to change your client back to 1.10.2 to play on the servers.


Instructions to do this are as follows:

  • Close Minecraft and the Minecraft Launcher (This is to ensure that we're starting at the same place)

  • Open the Minecraft Launcher (like you would normally to play, but do not press "Play" button!)

  • Click on "New Profile" - a new window will open up, called "Profile Editor"

  • In Profile Editor, starting from the top change these settings:

  •   1) Profile Name: MineCats 1.10

  •   2) Automatically ask Mojang for assistance with fixing crashes: UN-check this

  •   3) Use version: release 1.10.2

  • Click "Save" button in Profile Editor - this will take you back to the main window.

  • Select the MineCats 1.10.2 Profile in the drop-down menu above the "New Profile" button

  • Click "Play" button - it may take a minute to re-download the 1.10.2 game software, so be patient
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