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Minecats News aka Minecats Newspaper :D #2

Hey Guys! I haven't posted much cuz I forgot about forums... Lol! Well I just want to announce one thing first. I might be getting the rank of Cubtamer. I've wanted this rank forever, but even if I don't get it, my friend, Cat_Lover_Daisy, will be getting me patriot on my B-day. So Thank you to her today.


 Staff: Everyone! Staff is great. They come on often. They help us out a ton! I hope I will become one today. Shoutout to all staff, and the people I can remember are, EnderKittty, MrsSaint, wlrsaint, Cinek_, cindy_k, TheRealLily, edogyoungs, and more!


Autumn Fall Harvest Build Competition: I never really finished mine, because of FREAKING school. But the weekend + the whole next week is MY thanksgiving break so whoo hoo! Congrats to whoever won! Thank you to MrsSaint who actually held this competition. Maybe we could have another one for Thanksgiving, or Christmas. :)/emoticons/default_smile.png" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20" /> You decide Mama Saint!


Friends 4 Life: I don't know why, this is a post. But I wanna just shoutout all my Friends 4 Ever. Enderkittty (rank:CT) Cat_Lover_Daisy (rank:patriot) Luckykitty343 (rank:Citizen) RizzerCat (rank:cub but quit minecats) samsam123 (rank:patriot) TheRealLily (rank:CT) (Not really a Friends 4 Ever but a amazing admin Cinek_). Now a Admin , well technically a higher rank, But she is the owner. Cindy_k <<< *claps*


If you want a post: Just put your username in a reply. Why you want a post, and what your post is!  Be back Uni-Kitties

Peace out


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