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Staff Application - CT, Survival

I want to apply for CubTamer on Survival.

-I have been playing for 3 years

-I follow the rules, and have no problem enforcing them

-I am quick to anger, however, I am able to control it

-Even as a cub, I always try my best to fix grief.

-Everyone makes mistakes, so I do not mute/ban instantly, and give warns in a nice manner.

Thank you for the time you took to read this

My User Name Right now is _xXInsaneXx_, was Allison_5120, and will be back to that name shortly.


  • denied. did not fill out proper staff application.

    constant name changes suggest to me that you are not mature enough / stable enough to be staff.

  • I didn't know where it is, I looked, and couldn't find it.


  • edited November 2016

    Pinned to the top of the Support forum you'll find what you're looking for.

    It's pretty hard to find because it's labelled "How to apply for staff".

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