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Enough means to stop

I've noticed a lot of players getting bullied, called by their old usernames, and even harassed in chat. I've decided to make this post to tell everyone that they must stop immediately.

So I used to go by the username of "enderbutts" and that username is now behind me. Yet, I've noticed people calling me "butts" or "enderb00tay" or even "ENDIE", which I do not like at all. The nickname of "ENDIE" is old and dying and calling me any nickname other than "ender" or "3nd3r" will be considered offensive to me. Even if it is as a joke, don't say it in chat or even private MSG or TELL.

As for bullying, some players have reported that they were bullied IN-GAME and IN-SERVER to me and other staff. You know who you are if you've bullied other players. So please stop. MineCats is a family-friendly server where kids younger than me (I'm 16) can have a safe haven to play and have fun. But this can't happen if people are bullied.

Harassment has many forms. I do not wish to name them, but saying in chat or private MSG or TELL players very inappropriate things is a form of harassment. I've had incidents where I've had to report harassment to Admins, and it's not cool. IF YOU ARE BEING HARASSED IN-GAME AND IN-SERVER, PLEASE TELL A SERVER STAFF MEMBER.


All in all, my point is that people that are bullying others should stop and think before they hurt someone's feelings.


Thanks for reading this rather long post.



  • THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS :D/emoticons/default_biggrin.png" srcset="/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" title=":D" width="20" /> 

    I'm very happy you made this post, I strongly agree. MineCats is a friendly server where younger (and older) players can play. There was fighting a few minutes ago about something I don't want to bring up (I wasn't part of it) I also thank you for re-assuring that players can tell staff about anything.

  • Im still getting bullied sadly but to any would be or is bully here is what i got to say


    You are gutless. hiding behind a screen using words and age gaps as weapons. gutless... the real men, the real woman face people head on. physical, verbal...mental but cyber bullying anyone can do young, old, disabled...insane. gutless are those who hide behind a screen. gutless are those who use words. if you want to really bully someone take the time to find them, take the time face head on. or better yet, stop real people stop bullying, gutless...are those who use a keyboard the ones with guts use the brain, and walk away from any given situation.


    like i said i am still getting bullied

  • edited December 2016

    If you feel that you are being bullied, harassed or even uncomfortable about a situation, please do not be shy and message an online staff member, or make a ticket (modreq)  providing screenshots of what was said. 

    We are there to help, and we do not tolerate any type of bullying or harassement, and it is every person's right to feel safe and sound, especially on a video game. 


    - Rex


  • This is a good post Because alot of the time. I have been called by my old user names I was zoelover10 and Rawritzari And rileyangle2 And People call e Rileys Angle, Or Zoes lover But, I was little back then and i see why this post was needed ;)/emoticons/default_wink.png" srcset="/emoticons/wink@2x.png 2x" title=";)" width="20" />

  • Idk if you remember me. But Thanks for this post.


    It makes a change if even one person stands up. I know that from expirenece.



    Thanks Ol' Friend.<_</emoticons/default_dry.png" title="<_<" />

  • Thank you so much for making this! This is a problem with me as well. I don't like being called Safezone1 or Safe.. yet people do it even though they shouldn't.

  • Agreed! This is well said.

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