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Winter Wonderland **Build Comp**

image/monthly_2016_12/novaskin-minecraft-wallpaper.jpeg.dde2ece6166446fbbd9c8c49ba35b5e7.jpeg" alt="novaskin-minecraft-wallpaper.jpeg" />

Seasons Greetings!

Tis the Season to be Jolly...

(And building!!)

I am happy to announce our next Build Competition! The theme of this build comp will be Winter Wonderland! It will be held again on the Gardens server. To access this server, log into Minecats and from the lobby use the command /server gardens. It will take you to the Gardens spawn, where you will have to walk through a portal to enter the build competition world. Look for a sign above the portal directing you there.


Learning from our last build comp, you will be given world edit!! Yay!


Please remember! If you are planning to build in this competition to follow all server rules, the same as you would for any other server. Do not build anything inappropriate, or use any kind of hacked clients to give yourself an unfair advantage. Keep your builds family friendly, as we have players of ALL ages that have decided to play with us. Keep your builds original and unique, there is no need for copying. Because there will be prizes given out to the top THREE builds, friends are not allowed to help you in your build. If you do decide to have someone help you anyway, only the owner of the plot will be awarded the prize. (if they are considered during judging.)


Please keep your builds within the theme, "Winter Wonderland". You are given the tools you need this time around to create (and hopefully finish) something wonderful! I cannot wait to see.


This build comp will be open on December 10th,2016.

The build comp will be closed on January 2nd, 2017.

You will NOT be allowed to continue building after this date.

This gives you four weeks to complete your build.



Keep watching THIS post for updates and notes, and happy building!






  • Is that me laying in the snow, dead, in the picture?

  • Yes..yes it is.

  • The winners of the final build competition for 2016 are now announced!


    For third place and second place, respectively we have

    AliAndChristmas (3rd)

    stevierocks987 (2nd)

    And our First place winner is


    There are three honorable mentions. These player's builds received at least one vote.




    All of our entrants deserve a round of applause for their hard work and creative mind!

    Coming soon: Valentine's Day Build Comp! Also, much quicker build comps coming to Creative!

    The prizes for the winners:

    First Place:  One item from MineCats' BuyCraft store valued up to $15; 10 tokens for MineCats' Token Shop; and 500 treats on Creative

    Second Place: One item from MineCats' BuyCraft store valued up to $10; 5 tokens for MineCats' Token Shop; and 200 treats on Creative

    Third Place: One item from MineCats' BuyCraft store valued up to $5; 5 tokens for MineCats' Token Shop -OR- 200 treats on Creative

    Winners: You are required to file a support ticket to claim your prizes.  Please specify which prize you want, and which server you want it for. Please allow a couple of days before you prize is awarded (I have to do this by hand and it may take me a day to get to it!)


  • stevierocks987 has claimed their prize - Survival Patriot upgrade (They were already citizen)

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