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So, after getting removed as an admin and banned (Now unbanned) by AeSix for calling him out after he abused his power and deleted a users house/banned them for excessive caps, I think it's time to move on.


No 'thanks' for the year plus I've helped countless users and for the countless hours spent here helping others or an offer to be added back as a staff member. This was once a decent server but unfortunately it's been totally destroyed. My account on here will still be active if you want to drop me a private message for any reason and I'll still be on Survival from time to time as a normal user. 


  • I am thankful for all the work you've put into all this over the years, as I'm sure the rest of the server is. Best of luck syn the OG!

  •  Best of luck in moving on synthet, I wish you great happiness.

  • Syn we never meet a lot but all i know about you and all I played with you i saw you're a cool guy. It's hard to hear that you leaving us but i say as all Minecats Thank you soo much for all you made for us and hope we meet again soon around. I wish you luck and a great happiness.

    Your friend Maxtech_/Garde68

  • Gl and we'll miss ya

  • edited December 2016

    Some corrections:

    I banned you for publicly comparing MineCats and myself to Nazi Germany, without you knowing what was actually going on.

    The user was not being punished for caps.  They were being punished for racial slurs and severe disrespect.

    Your time on MineCats as staff was the thanks.  You wanted to be staff, and you were a good player, as such you were rewarded with the privileges of rank. You gained all the benefits and yet seemed to ignore the responsibility portion of this. And yet, we're the bad guys here. No Thanks, indeed.  Your decision to not work with myself and the owners set yourself apart from the rest of the staff team.  I understand this is a byproduct of being poisoned against me by Puar. I get that.  However, this is not something I was able to control or fix, and in fact had left Survival alone for over a year to not step on yours, or any of the Survival staff's toes. Again, No Thanks, indeed.

    Now, I don't understand why you believe I single handed have destroyed MineCats.  Considering there is currently a very limited advertising campaign compared to previously, and has been for a year, It's doing damned well.  (In fact, we've seen a growth of new users joins.)  This is a decision that happened before I became publicly known as staff on MineCats, and had nothing to do with it.  Yes, I was working with MineCats almost a year before you even seen my name.  And yet, none of you had any issue.

    Perhaps, what ever adventures you endeavor to in the future, you will take it upon yourself to get to know those around you and in-charge of the things you love.  It would have honestly been nice if you would have allowed communication between you and I.  Instead, you chose to listen to rumors and lies, and proceeded to work your best, perhaps without even realizing it, to give those rumors and lies credibility. I did try to communicate with you, Puar, Zim and Jayson.  Aside from Jayson, You three would have nothing to do with me.  It's almost as if the three of you were jealous little puppies, eager to be the only ones to get attention from cindy_k.  It would have been cute, if it wasn't so pathetic.  I hope you can honestly learn from this situation and walk forward in life knowing that you did what you honestly thought was right.

    Fare well, Synthet1k.

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