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Creative ModReqs: How to make one the right way!

Hello everyone,

Today I will show you how to make a ModReq for MineCats Creative the correct way and what to do if you're ModReq gets a strange reply.


Okay, first thing is first: If you haven't already, please ask for help in the help channel (/ch h). You may use this channel to ask MineCats or Minecraft related questions. Building help or advice should go in General chat (/ch g). If nobody is able to answer your question or are unable to help you, then you may file an In-Game ModReq.


Before you file a ModReq, please keep in mind that it may take anywhere from a few minutes to days or even months before a Moderator or Admin can get to your issue.

While you file your ModReq, give as much detail as possible. Only saying "My plot was griefed." doesn't really help. Try to describe the grief and where it is located on the plot. If you're reporting a player, give the full username and details of what happened.



/modreq (put the information here)

After you do the above command, you will get a confirmation message. Do what it says to accept submitting the ModReq.


That's all for now. If I am missing ANY information, please post a comment below.

Thanks for reading!



  • I forgot to add this into the post, but I guess it's not too late.

    If your ModReq gets a comment such as "Duplicate ModReq" or "Not for a ModReq", it's fine. It means what it says. "Duplicate ModReq" means that the player has already made a ModReq about the issue before. "Not for a ModReq" means that you filed a ModReq that wasn't needed. For example: Let's say that sabertooth_sf (my alt) made a ModReq about a grief twice in a row. That user would get "Duplicate ModReq" on one of the two ModReqs. If sabertooth_sf made a ModReq about WorldEdit being down or why hoppers don't work, they would get "Not for a ModReq" as a reply.

    If you get a reply that you don't understand at all, ask the staff member who helped you. They should be able to explain it better.


    Anyways, thanks for reading! Again, if I am missing ANY INFO or if you have a question, drop a comment or message me here or on Discord.



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