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Could we stop with the rping in general

Alot of people recently have been role playing in general Like Stabbing and grabbing/Hitting/Etc And its kind of getting annoying So i was wondering if we could stop that  ✘ and i feel like its leading to, Bullying and etc, Idk why im making this topic rn but i just thought i should, for some reason, and i just want minecats to be great! and Fun! And not have new people join and that going on in general.


  • I do notice this happening as well, and if it gets to be too much, you can kindly ask them to possibly create a /party (use /party help for more information) or politely ask them to meet on a plot and use /ch l - but I do also know that doesn't always work, so if needed you can /msg a staff member and we will try to figure something out for you to make all groups happy. We're here to help. :D/emoticons/default_biggrin.png" srcset="/emoticons/biggrin@2x.png 2x" title=":D" width="20" />

    If something (ANYTHING) ever leads to bullying, please tell a staff member. Bullying is not ever allowed on MineCats in any way, shape, or form, so if something ever leads to that please reach out to us privately. (Privately, please; we don't wish for the issue to grow larger, so yelling it in /ch h or whatnot is discouraged.) 

    Please also know that according to /warp chathelp, roleplaying does belong in /ch l on a plot - so if the roleplayers refuse to join a /party, refuse to go in /ch l, and the roleplaying also becomes spammy and/or annoying to many players, they may or may not be muted for incorrect chat usage after 2-3 warnings (it really depends on the situation for that, though; I cannot guarantee that, of course.)  

    Apologies that this is happening, I will keep my eye out and try to resolve the issue as best as I can. 


  • Yeah sorry about that. Kime and others just get a little carried away (including me) I know people think its annoying... -SavageHuma


  • Thanks for this post, Marah! I have also noticed this as an issue. As a Creative Moderator, one of my main jobs is to watch chat and look out for anything that could be considered bullying and prevent things from going too far. If you feel threatened or bullied, please let ANY staff (CTs all the way to the Owners) know, and we'll try our best to make it right.

    Once again, thanks for this post.


  • I also know it is getting annoying to me, too. :ph34r:/emoticons/default_ph34r.png" srcset="/emoticons/ph34r@2x.png 2x" title=":ph34r:" width="20" />

  • I think roleplaying in General happens when someone does just ONE single thing then some people follow ,then it just explodes into one large roleplay, I was muted quite a few times for roleplaying in General, I'm a stupid coffee cup, but I actually noticed when i was muted how much people were annoyed by it, I actually stopped roleplaying in General even though I'm usually the main instigator. There is very little roleplaying in General now, I have been wondering, how are you gonna stop those small roleplayers? Muting? Can you ban someone for roleplaying? But yes, Roleplaying in General is quite a nuisance. If any General Roleplayers are reading this, maybe lets not go there...

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