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New: Staff Requirements / Ranks changes

MineCats Ranks changes of requirements.  These are unconditional and will be fully implemented by the end of January 2017.

These changes will serve to create a stronger staff team. Note that there will be changes in the staff roster due to this, however no one is being punished, only moved to a more appropriate position to best suit their ability to help MineCats, our staff and players.

Any objections, concerns and questions can be posted in reply to this post, or asked in PM.  This post should be clear and concise however and should be understood easily by all.  Personal inquiries should only be made in PM to AeSix_Reficul or cindy_k.

Change 1, and most important:  Staff are required to have a Discordapp account and join the MineCats Discord Guild.

Discordapp is a free service and is available throughout most of the world (Except China), and can be accessed through three major means: a Web site app, a Phone app (Android and iOS), and a program for Windows PCs. You can find more information here: https://discordapp.com/

Discord is a service which replaces, for MineCats' usage, IRC (text chat) and TeamSpeak (voice chat)  Staff are not required to use the voice chat, but it is encouraged.  The text chat is a great resource to connect with the community, discuss issues, and to talk more freely than through Minecraft.  Staff will be required to use text chat through Discord.  daily participation is not required, however the ability to be contacted through and be part of the community on Discord is required.  This will allow staff to discuss current events, issues, and otherwise socialize with other staff and players.  Popping in once in a while, or when you feel you need to report something is not sufficient.  Be part of the team.

Change 2: A new non-staff "super member" position will be established.  This will be a player rank that will grant no benefits in permission, however will give the player a new badge.  (A badge is the Rank title displayed - All public players are currently "peasant" rank, with a "[Cub]" badge) This position is for players who have been on MineCats a long time, who are in good standing with MineCats, who know, understand and follow the rules properly and whom help new players to also do as such.  These players are community leaders and are being recognized as such and rewarded for their efforts.  These players will be trusted sources of information for new players.  This Rank will give priority to players applying for staff, however is not a requirement for staff.

Change 3: CubTamers Rank will be split in three.  Those who are able and willing to take responsibility for their fellow players' chat will become Chat Moderators.  These ChatMods will be expected to moderate the chat and chat channel usage.  ChatMods will have access to mute/unmute, force players in and out of channels, rocket (and possibly slap)  ChatMods will not be able to kick, ban, kill or otherwise harm player stats on non-creative servers.  ChatMods will be expected to call in higher staff for assistance when needed. ChatMods will be required to be 13 years of age or older (if we find out that you have lied to us, you will be ineligible for staff for at least 1 year)  Those who are currently a CubTamer and cannot meet the above requriements (age, responsibility acceptance or Discordapp) will be moved to the new super-member Rank.  Those CubTamers who are still learning the ropes, who do not know all of the plugins, etc will be moved to a new "Trainee" Rank, and will have accompanying badge.  The remainder will be the basis for the new ChatMod rank (Which will still be identified as CubTamer, and retain the majority of the CubTamer permissions)  ChatMods will not have access to permissions for such things as GriefPrevention, LogBlock, WEA, etc  ChatMods sole existence is to moderate the chat and keep the social atmosphere pleasant without causing drama or inflaming issues.  ChatMods who cannot handle social issue resolution may be moved to another position.  For clarification, the three new Ranks current CubTamers will be split into are: Super-member, Trainee, ChatMod.  The displayed Badge for Trainee will be [CubTrainee] and ChatMod will be [CubTamer].  The super-member Rank has yet to be named, or have a Badge, but will be decided before 31 Dec 16.  (Ideas may be posted in reply to this post!)

Change 4: Moderator Rank will be changed to Game Moderator, or GM.  These will be staff who's focus is on in-game issues not related to chat, and whom will also assume the responsibilities of all lower staff Ranks when needed (including chat).  There is very little change for this position other than a new name and a potential re-balancing of permissions to better suit the Rank as intended.  GMs may be asked to perform building tasks for MineCats, however this is not required. GMs will receive a new Badge: [GM]

Change 5: MineCats servers will each have one Senior Admin and one Senior Moderator.  These positions will be the main point of instruction for the Admins and Moderators on each server.  This is called a chain of command / chain of authority.  This will allow, with a higher level of certainty that instructions from the Owners and Operators will not conflict with instructions from Admins.

     Change 5a: All Sr Admins will be Admin on all other servers, however will act accordingly only when the Sr Admin of that server is not available, or as requested to act by the servers' Sr Admin.

     Change 5b: Each Sr Moderator will also hold the GM position on all other servers.  The Sr Mod will be a resource for all other moderators for clarification, help, and instruction when needed, and will delegate municipal projects (such as decorating spawn, building spawn, etc) to GMs, and certain players.  Sr Mods will have spawn-protected area building permissions (GMs will not be able to build at spawn) SrMods will report to the server's Sr Admin.

Change 6: Admins will have the ability to change some meta-gaming aspects, at request of Sr Admin, Operator or Owners.  These changes will be done through in-game commands.  Admins are expected to maintain certain aspects of the plugins, such as QuickShop chests, fixing chunk errors, Modifying plot/land ownerships when needed.  Admins have more freedom of decision making as they have proven themselves to be able to do so, however must work with the higher staff to ensure there are no conflicts of actions between themselves and other staff.  The servers' Sr Admin will be their primary point of contact for change instructions and requests.

    Change 6a: Sr Admins will be required to get approval for certain changes to their server, such as new spawn designs, new Admins, SrMods and GMs.  Other aspects of the server will be left to the SrAdmin to manage in the best way they see fit, and should be considered the ultimate resource for the server's staff.  The Sr Admin should know the server inside and out and able able to answer any question regarding any aspect, or be able to find the answer within a reasonable time.  The Sr Admin will work with the Operator and Owners for any changes that need to be made to the server through the console or config files, and will be required to put in change requests through the ticket system for the Owners/Operators to approve and implement.

Change 7: Enthusiast Positions.  Though these are not staff ranks, the users who hold one of the Enthusiast Ranks / Badges are Ambassadors for MineCats to the world, Have put a lot of time and effort into MineCats with builds, Or are otherwise people who have put dedication into making positive changes and visibility for MineCats.  These people are Enthusiastic about MineCats and are rewarded with certain privelges and benefits for their support.  Higher staff should not be afraid to approach Enthusiasts to assist with special projects that will help MineCats.  However, please keep in mind their specific area of enthusiasm (such as recording/streaming, pixel art, 3d structures, Fan fiction, etc) 


Change 8: Certain servers have additional ranking systems (such as PvP and Underworld) and alternate Badge names (Such as Prison) - Though some of these variations and additions to the ranking systems will be retained, others will be changed.  Changes to these specific cases will be handled per-server and done to best suit the server, as removing ranks from players who have worked hard to earn them is not something we want to do.  The base Ranks and Badges however will be applied to all MineCats servers to provide a uniform appearance of staff and players.  This includes the specific color scheme of all Badges.  We are currently working to create this color scheme, and will be posted when available.

Change 9: There are currently 2 donator ranks.  These are Citizen and Patriot.  These Ranks will be available as prizes for contest, competitions, and when any player really goes above and beyond with their contribution to MineCats.  MineCats relies on donations to stay operating, and as such will not be handing out Patriot or Citizen like candy on Halloween - these will be coveted prizes for those who are unable to donate.  We are also exploring possible additional ways for players to donate to help with MineCats finances.

Change 10: And this is a pretty big change.  Punishments for those who break rules will be reigned in.  A new system is in the works for banning/kicking.  There will be a "soft-ban" Rank, which will allow the player to still join the server and play to a certain point, with removal of many permission and abilities.  These soft-banned players will not be able to use chat, except possibly in local and help. Chat rule breaks will be punished only with mutes, forcing a user out of channels, and demotion to the soft-ban rank.  Those who are soft-banned can still be banned for continues abuse in chat.  Certain in-chat activities can still be punishable with instant bans.  Game play rule breaks will be dealt with on per-incident basis, with certain actions being instant ban for up to 6 weeks. Repeat and extreme offenders will still be subjected to permanent bans.  All bans, until otherwise posted will continue to be marked as "indefinite" and will require a ban appeal to be lifted.  Filing a ban appeal is not a guarantee of removal of the ban.

(At this point, I would like to suggest you click here to read the definition of indefinite and re-read the above sentence)

I know this seems like a LOT of changes.  And I know that some of these changes seem scary.  Though I have explained quite a bit about each change here, there will be details per change made available to those who need to know.  In summation however, there's a few new player/public positions available for those who earn them in-game, there's some new staff positions and modification to the staff hierarchy, some new Rank names for old ranks, Clarification of punishments for those who break the rules, and a requirement that staff communicate with the rest of the MineCats staff team and player members. 


Staff are expected to act like staff, to be part of the team and to hold to a chain of command and authority. Players will have more opportunities to be more than "Cub" without donating financially.  Punishments for rule breakers are going to less severe, and has the potential for a house-arrest like punishment.  Changes to MineCats Ranks will see some new positions added, and others more clearly defined, and will result in Staff roster changes (staff being moved from their current positions).  There is also a new age limit on ChatMod and Trainee, 13 is minimum age for this.  There's more, but you didn't feel like reading it, so I don't feel like typing it.

In addition:

Staff applications will only be accepted from players for these positions:

Trainee, ChatMod (Chat Moderator), GM (Game Moderator)


Staff who wish to advance should speak to the Sr Admin of the server they're on.  Advancement to Sr Mod or higher will require owner/operator approval.

Players who wish to be granted the super-member / trusted user title should continue performing good deeds in MineCats and make themselves known in a good way to staff. Only higher staff may promote players to trusted player.

Players looking for an Enthusiast rank should speak with an Admin or higher.  Requirements for Enthusiast Ranks will be released before the end of January 2017.  Until then, if you are interested in one of these Ranks: Videographer (Streaming and Recording),  Artist (Graphic arts, fan fiction, etc),  Builder or Architect (Way above and beyond the normal day-to-day builds commonly seen in Minecraft); please talk to AeSix_Reficul.  Note, the requirements for these Ranks have yet to be determined, however you should be certain you are in the top 10% of MineCats players who are doing the activities you're wanting an Enthusiast title for.  This means one Fanfic or a bunch of poorly written fanfics, or quick sketches/drawings,  or anything of a not high level of quality - is not going to gain you the Artist Rank;  Builds which can be completed is less than a day, or are not well defined or extremely aesthetic will not get you the Builder Rank, and forget about the Architect Rank (Architect also requires completing a very large "municipal" build for MineCats or the servers. Streamers / Youtubers with only a handful of subs/viewers, or who have little or no MineCats content, or who we feel will be bad PR or not represent MineCats properly will not receive the Videographer Rank.









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