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Suvival Server Reset?

Does the survival server ever reset? I wanted to make sure before I spend all my time making an extravagant masterpiece of a house haha.


  • All servers are reset at various times for various reasons.  To tell you that Survival would reset specifically would be unfair, as it may be reset tomorrow, or it may be reset in another year.  This goes for all servers.  I understand not wanting to spend a crazy amount of time on something just to see it vanish, however I also know that the fear of that cannot hold me back from doing these things, otherwise there would never be any way for me to justify spending my time doing anything.  And really, that goes for most things in life.  There is always a potential negative result of any action we take, if we were to succumb to the fear of those negative results, we would take no action at all - which itself is an action that has a higher chance of negative results.  This leads to a paradox, paranoia and psychological insanity.  If you spend your time worrying about what might happen, you won't have any chance to appreciate the here and now, the moments you could create, the fun memories.

    So, yeah. If you want to build something awesome, well, that's something awesome.  If you want to let your fear that it might be deleted hamper you - well, maybe private Minecraft servers aren't really the place for you to build such awesome things, because there will always be the chance that the server or world will be reset, crash, shutdown, or otherwise ruin your work, time and effort.  Nike has it right with the slogan - Just Do It!  - do the things you love to do, and when it's gone, consider it a positive chance to start on a new rendition of your project :)/emoticons/default_smile.png" srcset="/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="20">

  • That was really inspiring haha. I will build the surprise when I get my rank. Thanks so much!

  • There's generally at least 2 years or so between resets, to do them any more often would just be pointless. You never know, though, but keep on building and don't worry about it much.

  • The only opinion I have on server resets are that the previous map is released.

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