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Can't join creative

(this is my first post so please tell me if this is in the wrong place)


Whilst trying to join the creative server yesterday via the compass, I was sent back to the hub instead of the creative server. I waited until today to try and join the server today and I am still experiencing the same problems. The creative VIP and creative wilds servers are fine. I have tried walking into the creative portal and doing /creative and got the same results. Whilst attempting to join, I noticed that a few other players were having the same issue. However, I also noticed that there were a large amount of players who were still able to play on the creative server, which means that this is affecting a handful of players. I haven't seen anyone write about this yet, so I decided to do so.



  • Hello,

    As of December 27th, 2016, Creative is 1.11.2 ONLY. Please update your Minecraft version to 1.11.2. If you are having trouble, there are many tutorials on how to upgrade or downgrade Minecraft on YouTube. Also, please be sure to join with a normal Minecraft launcher, as Technic Launcher and Forge do not work with MineCats. If you're still having issues with this, PM any staff member, and we'll see what we can do.


    A side note: Minecraft 1.11.2 Vanilla or OptiFine are supported by MineCats.

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