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The problem with "roleplaying" in general, and how I plan to fix it.

This has been a problem that's ocurred recently, and since players keep complaining about it, I hope to address it. People will roleplay in general in these HUGE fights. What am I talking about? Well here's an example.


Player 1: *hits player 2 with steak*

Player 2: (Throws a herd of ferocious kittens at player 1)

Player 3: [Hits player 1 and 2 with a plushie baseball bat]


See what I mean? Big fights, Violence fiestas, whatever you call it.. it's still roleplaying. It wasn't an issue until some players complained about it. Now, it's becoming a problem because it annoys players, and it creates spam. If you're going to mess around like this, (which you totally can do, I'm not trying to take away fun!) please do it in local or in a party. I actually made a party for this specific purpose, I called it, "ViolenceFiesta". (If the name doesn't fit, I can change it.) Anyways, /msg me in-game if you'd like to join. I tried to make it so players could still have the same fun of messing around, but with it not disturbing general. (And yes, the /rules do apply in this party. If anyone doesn't follow the /rules in it, there will be consequences.) Anyways, I hope this picks up and it fixes this little problem. I'm very sorry to the players who have been having to deal with this for a long time, as us staff members don't know what to do about it, (We're still figuring out how to fix the problem).

Also, if you're already in a party, you can't join ViolenceFiesta! So before joining, please make sure you're not already in a party!


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    Thank you for creating this! A few people talked to me about this issue as well, and I'm glad that you've created a solution for it. I'll be sure to spread the word. 

  • I love this idea.


  • My opinion on managing this is just by muting the players who aren't using the chat channels correctly. Rules apply to everyone, and so if they refuse to listen or aknowledge that you've told them to use the correct channel, i.e /ch l or /ch rp, a mute can and will be authorized and enforced onto that player. 


    This is my opinion, do with it as you will. 



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    Chat moderators exist for a reason.  If there is a chat moderator on and the chat is not being moderated, then they are not doing their job.

    If a person needs their actions / chat corrected, it is staff's responsibility to do so.  If a CubTamer or other staff mutes a player because they are not abiding by MineCats rules and channel usages - then that player is muted and will continue to be muted until they assure that staff that they have read, understand and will follow MineCats' rules and channels. 

    CubTamers have the ability to mute people - Do so when needed!


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