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Spelling Mistakes

Hey, friends!


I have been on Creative lately, and I've been seeing this lately.


Lot's of people either don't know how to spell, or, type to fast without revising their sentence, and, that's fine with me! But, to others, they have this instant feeling of judging that sentence. For example;



Player 1: Hey gusy, I just want to tell u guys that I'm hosting a Roelplaye today!

Player 1: Oops, I meant guys* and *roleplay sorry!

Player 2: "gusy" "roelplaye"

Player 3: lol bad speller right here haha



Sometimes, the player laughs at their spelling. Like me. I mess up sometimes, especially when I answer a question that a player asks. Then, my message is followed by people quoting my mistake, sometimes in a mean way. I ask them to stop, but, they don't. This doesn't happen to just me, but, others as well, which is getting a bit annoying. Some people are bad spellers anyways, and, others (like me) accidentally type wrong. It's also super annoying because I (or whoever did the mistake) fixes it, yet, others still make fun of it. I love when you guys have fun, but, not when your fun is annoying others. :P/emoticons/default_tongue.png" srcset="/emoticons/tongue@2x.png 2x" title=":P" width="20" /> I don't mind you quoting it once, as in "lol you it's dab not 'dav'", but, many players repeat it, which causes a chain reaction, then the whole server is going crazy! Just once, or not at all, is the ideal amount. 




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