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I need help

Hi I'm Zoids_Mist that's my in game username, but I have a important question. I love this server with my heart but I already bought Patriot and Im wondering if any admins or staff that have the power to switch my Patriot Rank from Skyblock to Survival? Thanks for your time of reading this and I hope you have an amazing day.



  • Thank You for supporting MineCats! That's awesome!

    Transferring Patriot (or Citizen) from server to server is something we do not do. This would become a very time-consuming thing if we allowed it.

    However, if you donated to the wrong server and was done very recently, you may put in a support ticket to explain yourself.

    This is NOT a guarantee that we will transfer the donation, however, it is the correct way to present your case to us.

    You may enter a support ticket here:  http://minecats.com/support-requests

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