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is there a command for the wither arena

So I'm currently on the platform in the middle of the Wither Arena is there a command to summon it in the game or do you have to spawn it yourself? Thanks for the time and patients Have a great day.



  • That is a great question. There is no way to use the /summon command as a player, but Vitalbra, the Mod, will sometimes summon one when he is on. 

  • there is no way to actually summon a wither in /warp wither, you must ask a mod or higher to summon one for you

  •  The automatic spawning of the Wither is currently not working, it is supposed to spawn a couple of times a day at the /warp Wither. However, it seems as the spawn coordinates are messed up, so if you'd like to fight the Wither, you'll have to ask a Moderator to spawn it for you.


     I occasionally go and do it without anyone asking, when I do so, I send out a message in general chat saying that the Wither has spawned in the arena, so make sure you keep an eye out for that. The Admins are already aware of the Wither spawning issue, and I'm sure it will be fixed soon, but for now, just ask a Moderator to spawn it.


     See you in game!

    ~ Vitalbra


     PS: Locked this topic to prevent gravedigging, since the question has already been answered.



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