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Ranks in Creative

I was just wondering this. If someone were to want to be a cub again when they're already patriot, what would you need to do?



  • I do not know why would you want to do this, but you could ask an admin such as n_harmonia or AeSix to demote you.

    A second option would be to ask them to make you show the [cub] rank visually but keep patriot permissions and show up as a patriot in /who

  • If you honestly do not want the benefits of Patriot any longer, send me a message.

    We're not doing custom badges for players any longer.  Too much upkeep to maintain who is what, etc. And causes confusion for staff, believing a cub is hacking in blocks and things when they're using worldedit.  However, previously, brlee3 would be correct, just not for the last year. Sorry.

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