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Pewi History

Pewi is da best caterpillar eveh, boiz, listen to deez prophetic wordz, i am blowing your mind wif TRUTH, BOIZ! Pewi will take over da wurld, and he will make da wurld a betteh place, boiz, i am history teacher, da Pewi was created when a person named Cate Pillar bred paper wif fur, and then da Pewi was created, Pewi was da best caterpillar who lived, he could do a backflip and he could roll, he was a athlete and he even drank COFFEE, which made him even better, Pewi was supposedly one of the most awesome creatures alive.  Da truth is so real rn, boiz, remember that da Pewi is always wif chu, here is a quote from him 'I didn't mean to break your flippin' face mum'. Pewi is loved by many peeps, so shut up and read the rest of my History posts.



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