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St Patrick's Day Build Comp

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Aye cabbage ewe knot!

St Patrick's Day Build Competition

Theme: St Patrick's Day / Irish Culture / Irish Mysticism

Criteria: Theme; Creativity & Uniqueness; Effort & Detail

Duration: From now to 10 March 2017 (Eastern US Time, some time during the day)

Participants: Everyone: newbies, cubs, donators, staff (Unless otherwise specified)
Location: MineCats Gardens server, in the CompWorld

Prizes: 1st: $15 Buycraft coupon; 2nd: $5 Buycraft coupon; 3rd: 20 MineCats Shop Tokens


Expanded Info:

  • The theme is St Patrick's Day - what ever that means to You, the artist. Please avoid any controversial or adult content / subject matter (Family Friendly). All other genres of art/emotional display are allowed. Plots which are not Family Friendly may be removed.

  • Judges will be using the above Criteria to make decisions for build placements, You should use these criteria to build.


    - Theme: being how much does your build stay with the theme, St Patrick's Day.

    - Creativity & Uniqueness: how new/unique is your build compared not just to others in the comp, but in general - the more unique, the better.

    - Effort & Detail: shows in the detail, the aesthetics, the size, how much time you've put into the build - or simply put, how nice you tried to make it.

    Obviously incomplete, copy-cats or off-theme builds won't be accepted (will be removed)

  • By "now" I mean when I get the world set up, which is mostly done as for this writing. I will, some time on the 10th, or 11th, whitelist Gardens and allow only judges on.  They will have until the 16th to conclude judging, so winners can be announced on 17 March.

  • All MineCats, Gardens and Comp rules MUST be obeyed.  Failure to abide by the rules may result in your build being removed (not accepted), You being banned from Gardens (Appeals will not be accepted until competition end), or for very drastic violations, permanent ban from all of MineCats.  Or anything in between.

  • Judges may participate in the Build Comp as well, and in fact, judges are not known until near the end of the competition.  Judges Wanted announcements will be made for the staff at that time.  Everyone else is welcome to participate in the Build Comp, provided they are not banned from Gardens or MineCats.

  • To join the Build Comp, go to /server Gardens and walk through the portal for the CompWorld.  If you had participated in the Valentine's Day Build Comp, you will use your previous plot location.  New entrants will have to do /p auto to claim a plot.

  • The prizes are single person prizes.  As such, no help will be allowed on builds. Only the plot owner is eligible to win the prizes.

Good Luck & Have Fun

to All who enter!

short url to this post:  http://goo.gl/FtGUie


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    IshMuffin                    (First place - $15 credit for MineCats' Buycraft store)

    MorganFreeeeman      (Second place - $5 credit for MineCats' Buycraft store)

    Jiamei_G                    (Third place - 20 Tokens for use on any server with /token shop)

    Winners - contact me through Discord, Forum message or in-game to collect your prizes.  I will only provide a prize if you claim it!

    Thank You all to the wonderful builds! Again, there were some AMAZING builds!  Wonderful job all!

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