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Cyber Bully

edited March 2017 in survival

Right now I'm being cyber bullied by a BoxmusMaximus he's claimed stuff around the places  where I want to build he's threating to kill me if I don't give him full permissions to all my claims and what's worst he goes to my school!!! Can Someone ban him please?



  • Please provide screenshots to us in a support request. If I have proof that the player is indeed harassing you I will definitely take action.

  • edited March 2017

    He's shouting and being mean to me in IRL and he does not come on the server that much anymore so it's fine but there are those buildings he built in my town and claimed them I asked him to remove them but he said he will do that for a trade of if I give him all access to all my claims so we still have a bit of a problem so I need those houses removed

    Edited:   He's just going crazy over the permission thing and it's getting really annoying and he says I'm bulling him by not giving him permissions


    He's just a lazy butt who doesn't want to spend time getting all the resources in the world 

  • Please submit a modreq ingame, I will fix it.

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