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Sprinbreak essay




Hi! It’s me Anime Jaz!Here to give you a 500 word essay on my Spring break! <3 (I also really want tokens/money!!Hahaha lol!)


Brr! It’s so cold in here! But isn’t it spring? Yes, it is… but why is it so cold outside? *Looks outside*  “woah!  Snow?!!?  Crazy!!”  I whisper yelled as I cleared out a foggy space on my window. I was so confused while just yesterday it was 70° F Exactly what I had searched up.  It had said we had gotten a massive cold front I was freezing and there was no wood in the fire! So I sat down got on minecraft and bragged to everybody I knew “Hahaaa!!I got snow whoooo” Of course my friends (99%) live in arkansas(Which is where I live)They were like “DUH! It’s 12 in the morning! School was canceled!” Of course I thought to myself.. Wow I’m an idiot!So I looked outside and about 1 foot of snow had fallen!So I go get my brother who was snoozing softly on his black coveted Futon, which was folded up in a couch position I shoved his shoulder lightly just to inform him that I was waking him up, making sure not to hurt him (He’s really weak!)I whispered to him “Nova!Nova!It snowed!” Of course he already knew because he’s wayyyy smarter than I am.Booksmart that is.I asked him if he wanted to go to sled.He gently replied with his soft high-pitched voice “nooo.. I just want to go to sleep..” I felt bad for my 5 year-old brother. So I left him be.There was a bowl on the picnic table, I was wondering… why in the world is the freaking fruit bowl outside with no fruit in it? It was just basically full of snow.Actually full full like you should have seen it full, like overflowing full. ;-; So I go back to sleep making sure I have plenty of warm, thick big blankets piled over my freezing cold Body, deciding to continue my endless journey of sleep :P/emoticons/default_tongue.png" srcset="/emoticons/tongue@2x.png 2x" title=":P" width="20" /> So I woke up to Coffee and a amazing pancake and eggs breakfast!! Yass! Oh… but what was this in the corner of my plate smelling suspiciously like vanilla? It was ice cream.. But nothing like the regular vanilla ice cream you would usually enjoy…. It was… it was.. SNOW CREAM?!?! Ice cream made of snow?! How..? How could it be? :o/emoticons/default_ohmy.png" srcset="/emoticons/ohmy@2x.png 2x" title=":o" width="20" /> I tasted it and it tasted a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!! Yass I was already looking forward to more of this amazing homemade Ice-Cream. Mom told us to pack up into some warm clothing and scarves/mittens. I got so excited yass we get to explore the snow...finally! After I’m packed in warm cloths and plenty of socks,mittens,jackets, and scarves covering me up. I was actually a bit afraid I was going to get too hot, but the absolute different happened.. I was still cold! Even after the numerous layers of super warm cloths, my hands even started to hurt! After only like 5 minutes! So I went in and warmed up with a tiny ceramic heater we had kept up in cabinets just above our washer/dryer. Asap I was ready to get back going into the snow! And when I got back out there our 4 dogs were out there too! As Well as my mother. And..? sleds? Idk! I hadn't ever seen one before! (BTW This was my first snow experience ever!!) So we spent the rest of the weekend trudging through the 1 foot of snow. Unfortunately the snow melted soon, with the massive cold front leaving too! D: But this experience left my mum with some pretty good pictures to post to all of her facebook friends. And now (2 weeks later) it’s warm enough to go swimming!! This is my 617 word essay about spring break! Thank you for reading,






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    On 3/15/2017 at 4:20 PM, Jessalexis said:

    Hi! It’s me Anime Jaz!Here to give you a 500 word essay on my Spring break! <3 (I also really want tokens/money!!Hahaha lol!)

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