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SpringBreak Essay

IGN: friiendly

NameMC: https://namemc.com/profile/friiendly/088bfd



I like Spring Break, but, I don't at the same time.


You see, Spring means allergies to me. So, it happens to be whenever I go on Spring Break that I am sneezing or coughing a whole bunch, and, I don't really have time to have any fun besides worrying about how many tissues there are left. Or wondering if I'll get through the night without having to blow my nose. You know, the usual.

Oh yeah, and, there's.. the airplane. 

I have a fear of flying, which, is pretty silly because my mom is a flight attendant. So, I get free flights. The only problem is, I don't like to fly! And, I don't really have anyplace to go. I've been all over Europe, America, Mexico, Asia. But, not Canada, Australia, or South America. I don't want to go to Australia because of house spiders. (Yes, that's my fear.) Canada seems cool, but, my dad says no. And, South America is way too hot for my brother and my dad. They think going to the Alps is an ideal vacation. My family does not get along when it comes to vacationing. We're always total opposites! If you were on Spring Break to get away from the cold, what would you rather; going back INTO the cold, or, a Caribbean getaway on the beach? Personally, that's an easy choice. But, of course, my brother and my father always have to disagree. So, yes, this year, they think we're going to the Alps. I think it's nice, but, let's go someplace warm, okay?!

Okay, let's get to the sweet stuff.

Spring Break is an amazing time to have fun with your family, and, get off the computer! Unless of course, you're too much of a couch-potato and you bring your laptop to play MineCraft while sitting at the pool. (I am not that kind of person, and, you shouldn't be, either.) 

Spring Break is also the time to forget your worries, "for the rest of your days,"- I mean, sorry. I need to get away from the Lion King for a bit. 

But, school can be a pain. Or work, whatever you do. Either way, we all come home pretty tired, just needing some rest. Or you go onto your computer looking at a vacation home in Hawaii, and you just keep dreaming about going to live there..- I mean what?! I totally don't do that. But, I bet you do. Spring Break is the time to go tour that amazing vacation home in Hawaii, or just to go check the state out! For me, I just need permission to fly out. Of course, my dad always comes with me because he absolutely never passes up a time for the beach. Just like me, he has salt water in his blood. So, I could easily go to Hawaii. But, can you? That's why, Spring Break is the best time to go fly! I'm assuming most things are at a discount during that time (although my family never has to pay, so, I honestly don't know.) so it's the best time to go! Just take that chance.. go fly to your dream house.. and stop dreaming! Make the dream a reality.


In conclusion, everything has their positives and negatives, just like Spring Break. But, I think it has more of a positive side. As I said, take that time to go out and fly, maybe your first flight, and go to Hawaii, or wherever else your imaginative minds take you! Be free, my friends, be free! 


Don't get to caught up in this dream! You have work to do.. planning your way home! ;-)


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